I'm not going to lie.  Things have been pretty rough around our house lately.
Nothing is easy.  Most areas of our life are complicated and messy.

When these kind of seasons come, my natural tendency is to curl up in a corner and sulk.  That corner being my bed.  Or the shower.  Or a long walk down the street.  I like feeling sorry for myself and I usually spend a good chunk of time fantasizing about all the ways I can cut my nose off to spite my face. Hashtagsadbuttrue.  HashtagGodblessmyhusband.
It's easy to throw blame at my husband when something goes wrong.
It's hard to give grace and choose patience.

It's easy to punish with silence and separation.
It's hard to talk through the frustrations and seek for reconciliation.

It's easy to suffer alone.
It's hard to remember that we are a team.

It's easy to frantically search for answers.
It's hard to rest in God's timing.

It's easy to fret.
It's hard to be still. 

- - -

I am learning that in these moments, I need to cling.
Cling hard to Jesus.
Cling hard to Adam.

And then something beautiful happens.  In the moments when I choose to act the way I want to feel, instead of acting how I actually feel, joy creeps in.
Yesterday, by God's grace, I chose to embrace grace and unity.  I chose to cling to my husband and to make the most of our day together.  I chose to not allow the unrest around me to overpower my soul.  
It turned out to be a wonderful day.  

We used loose change to buy ice cream.  We walked around a gorgeous lake.  We were awed by the beauty of the clouds.  We laughed at Emmett's new tricks.  We talked about the things that are making our right now so hard.  We were comforted with each other's presence and the knowledge that God is near to the broken.  It was a day that was full of love and peace in the middle of a storm.  
^^ The movie in the park was pretty awesome too.  And the fact that Emmett has decided that sitting up is cool.  My tiny baby is quickly turning into this little dude that is so much fun! ^^


  1. Again friend, you are inspiring!!!
    Thanks for being so brutally honest and encouraging with your words.
    Hugs! Sorry life is hard right now, but as you pointed out, it's only for a season! 😊
    Much love!!!!

  2. I.Needed.This. Thank you for the encouragement to look past our circumstances and truly see the things that matter in life.

  3. You're certainly not alone! Life can be so tough. Hang in there. My favorite part of this post is when you said, "In the moments when I choose to act the way I want to feel, instead of acting how I actually feel, joy creeps in." Oh if I could only remember that!!!!

  4. We (LG & I) NEEDED to read this!!! Thank you so much so being so real and honest!!! My husband and I have a lot of difficult decisions that we are having to think about right now and I desperately needed to read this!!! Thanks so much for being you!

  5. You put my life into words. Thank you for sharing and baring your heart and soul.