Dear Emmett

My Sweet Treasure Boy,

You have exploded my world in so many ways.  You make me cherish the little moments throughout the day.  You make me want to love Jesus more.  You make every morning seem like a brand new adventure.

Thanks for hanging out with me this morning while Dad was getting caught up on sleep.  Your rolling back and forth and that micro-scooting you do is quite impressive.  And those jibberish sounds you make aren't so bad themselves.  I never thought I would have so much fun hanging out with a little dude like you.  Our home is so much happier now that you are here.

Know that we are so crazy about every part of you.  Your chubby cheeks.  That milky under-chin you sport around everyday.  Your almost-square head.  That tufty hair on top.  The way you perfectly point your toes and shake your arms when you get excited.  Your belly laughs when Dad tickles your belly.

We hope and pray all the time that you grow up to know that Jesus is even more crazy about you than we are. . . as if that was even possible.  There are so many adventures that He is waiting to unfold in your life.  And while she may not even be born yet, somewhere in the world is a cute girl that you will get to love and do life with someday.  Make sure you adore her as much as your Dad does me and you'll be just fine.  And then you will get to finally know what it feels like to love a tiny person with your whole heart and life.  Life is so beautiful and we are glad you are in ours.

Thanks for being the best surprise of our lives.  I can't wait to hang out with you tomorrow.
your mum


  1. Beautifully said! You remind me so much of this other blogger, Mary Beth @ Annapolis & Company. Have you heard of her? You should link up with her weekend link up sometime!

  2. the sweetest post & your boy is so handsome!