Mama's Miracle Cleaner

 One of the fun parts of having a new baby is all the brand new clothes that come pouring in.  It's like all your friends can't wait to help you dress this tiny, new person.

Then it happens before you can blink twice.   The spit-up stains (which happen about 57 times a day if you have my baby), the explosive diapers, and worst of all, the stains that get set-in by the dryer.  Raise your hand if you were as bummed as I was the first time this happened to a favorite outfit.

I decided to turn to the ever handy Pinterest and found what I like to call 'Ugly But Noteworthy Pins'.  After giving this simple concoction a try, I was hooked.  All of Emmett's stained clothes were transformed.... even those with set-in poop stains!!!!  <--- Do you see how I just used up my blog's monthly allotment of exclamation marks?!  That's how excited I was about this discovery.

So while it feels silly to make a whole post on Baby-Poop-Stain-Removal-101, I figured it was too helpful in our house to not pass on.  Let me know how it works for you.

Mama's Miracle Cleaner
// original recipe here //

4 teaspoon Blue Dawn dish soap
1 cup Hydrogen Peroxide
1/2 cup baking soda

// Mix and scrub onto stains
// Allow clothes to sit for at least 1 hour
// Wash as normal
// Repeat steps for tough stains.  I have sometimes scrubbed, soaked and washed 3 or 4 times for extreme stains.
// Store extra cleaner in an airtight container

Please note that I have found this to be safe with all clothes, but I may have noticed a very slight fading of coloring on some items.  It was so miniscule that I would rather deal with this than clothes that have permanent poop stains.  I would advise testing it first if you are worried about fading.
Emmett and I are headed to our town square this morning to enjoy our small town's 'Celebrate Washington' day.  Then it's off to a family reunion tomorrow.  

Happy weekend wherever you are, friends!!


  1. I'm pinning this for later! My first is only 3.5 weeks old so I thankfully haven't had any major stains yet...but I know they're coming :-/

  2. I just recently discovered this little bit of magic also, It has worked wonders on the twins clothes. But one thing I did read was that the peroxide needs to be kept in a dark container(like it comes in) or it quites working, it is sensitive to light. It is funny how a cleaner can make a mommy so happy.

  3. What a great idea! I want to make it for my own clothes. :)

  4. thanks I will try this...even on big kid stains like my husband's shirts LOL!

  5. Do you know if this would work for breast milk stains on my clothes? My munchkin drooled milk all over my favorite shirt

    1. I definitely think you could!! I've always had such great success with all the stains I've used it on. Good luck!!!


  6. I have several pieces of clothing I want to soak. What do you think about a big batch soaked in the basin of the washing machine? Thanks!