Parties Are My Favorite

Last week we celebrated my younger sister's seventeenth birthday how does that happen?! with a surprise brunch party and a few close friends.  

I love having parties as often as I can come up with an excuse to host one.  My goal is to keep the fledgling art of hospitality alive in our culture today. . . and enjoy the excuse to clean my bathroom.  Let's be honest here.  That is a definite plus.
^^ these Amish glazed donuts will put every other donut in donut history to shame.  literally to shame.  ^^
This Strawberry Nutella Pancake Cake was the highlight of the whole event. It was so easy to make and is a definite need at your next brunch party.

You will need:
// 4 warm pancakes, 6 inches in diameter
// Nutella
// Freshly sliced strawberries
// Whip cream

Layer pancakes with a generous amount of Nutella and berries between each pancake.  Serve immediately with dallops of whip cream on top.  Our cake served six girls. 

- - - 
Thanks for all your encouraging comments, messages and love you have sent since this post.  You mean more to me than you will ever know and I am so thankful for each of you.  

Happy Tuesday, friends!


  1. Mmmm... those donuts... that cake! Looks like such a fun birthday celebration, your sister is lucky to have a big sister like you :)

  2. what a beautiful birthday brunch! and donuts on skewers to serve them? great idea!

  3. Way to go you! I love hosting when I'm actually in the midst of the hosting, but I dislike all that comes prior to that.:( But I agree, hospitality is becoming a lost art and I want to keep it alive in our home as well. Blessings---

  4. those doughnuts have to be the ones from Golden delight bakery, I'm assuming. YOU SAID IT. ranks 10x higher than Krispy kreme or anything else..SO CRAZY GOOD. such a fun looking brunch!

  5. those donuts look absolutely amazing...and I love that they are on skewers! what a fun idea!

  6. gorgeous!! I shall have to try that pancake/nutella/strawberry/cream deal. four of the best things in the world consumed at the same time? love the thought. =)
    and now I'm craving donuts. How is this? =)

  7. omg you are a kindred spirit!!! so glad The Mason Bar Co. could connect us!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE you, your precious family, the gorgeous pictures, and touching words! you have a gift, Nicole! God is good.

  8. who yummy explosions on your blog!!! Mmmmmmmm!

  9. WOW! love this idea and your house & party decorating is adorable! <3