Take Back The Summer // One

Let's be honest here. My natural tendency is to hibernate in the blazing hot Iowa summers.  And the frigid winters for that matter.  Day after day can go by in the middle of August before I realize that my extent of adventuring outside has been putting my big toes out just far enough to get the mail each morning.

When my babies are suddenly graduating from high school, I don't want to look back at our summers and realize that's all they can boast of.  So that's why I decided to get together with some of my favorite mama-bloggers and collaborate on a little project I'm calling Take Back The Summer.

This is our attempts at making the most of these lazy, hot days of summer with our babies. . . because September will be here before we know it and time stops for no one.
Our small town dedicated the entire day on Saturday to celebrate itself.  After a lazy morning of sleeping in, Emmett and I made our way down to the square.  We spent the rest of the day with friends, family and a lot of local music.  There also may have been a few too many scoops of homemade ice cream thrown in the mix, if I do say so myself. 
^^ Seriously this kid makes everything better.  I have to pinch myself somedays because he is just too good to be true.  ^^

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Be sure to check out these other awesome mamas as they are celebrating summer days in their own corner of the world.  Then be sure to share how you make the most of summer with your family!! 

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  1. What a great idea! I often get that sinking feeling on September 1st that I have wasted my summer and didn't accomplish half of what I wanted to.