We Be Road Trippin'

I love road trips, I love road trips, I love road trips.

This is what I was chanting to myself 57 hours into our cross country trip home several weeks ago as we plowed through the never-ending state of Kansas on that sunny Wednesday afternoon.
- - - 
Our trip started as we pulled away from Adam's parents' early Monday morning and made tracks through the dessert for his college town of Prescott, Arizona.  After a failed early morning departure from our amazing friends, the Ritchie's, we finally got back on the road around one on Tuesday afternoon.  This put us at our pit stop in Denver at five the next morning.  You should have heard Emmett's happy moaning sounds when he stretched out in bed.  Poor, sweet boy.  And because we are nothing if not tardy, we left from our friend's gorgeous, lodge-like home in the mountains after a yummy late breakfast around noon the next day.  Pulling up to our house at five o'clock that Wednesday morning could not have come a moment too soon.

All I can say is thank you God for our dreamboat son.  Though now he may or may not cry a lot now when his body hits the car seat.  What can we say, three days across the country is enough to ruin the bravest of souls. . .

Now please excuse me while I take a short jaunt down memory lane, as this trip really was a great one for the books. 
^^ Our only state welcome sign photo that this trip can boast of.  Utah was after dark, I snored straight through Colorado, Kansas was somehow missed and we were barreling fast and hard for home by the time we got to Iowa.  #storyofourlife #betterlucknexttime ^^
^^ I want to live in the small town of Hope Arizona just for bragging rights of this sign.   I also might help them start a local chapter of 'Spell-Check-101'. . . ^^
^^ This face is how our child makes up for massive diaper explosions along mountain roads in Arizona. ^^
^^ Food is a freakishly large part of vacations in our book.  Especially when it comes to road tripping.  Tuesday afternoon it was a total In & Out for the win. ^^
^^ This is the moment in time when we visited the old stomping grounds from Adam's glory days of college wrestling.  Emmett did not seem to appreciate enough his daddy's name on the wall for All American Academics.  His mother, on the contrary, was pleased and proud.  ^^
^^ Adam's old college friends and their adorable babies were also quite impressive themselves ^^
^^ The best part of traveling with a small baby is that it forces you to actually make stops other than the obvious gas station/fast food breaks that last for a total of 15 minutes.  On of my favorites was this hole-in-the-wall we found near Utah.  Adam and I shared this massively delicious Navajo Taco and Emmett was happy for the break from his car seat.  ^^
^^ Of course we would be traveling on a Tuesday afternoon, in the middle of the dessert with a tank on empty. . .  #onceagainstoryofourlife ^^

^^ As I was saying about food. . .
We found this little gem in 'Middle-of-Nowhere-Eastern-Colorado' ^^

- - - 
Never was there a happier mess. . . or baby for that matter.

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  1. Looks like a fantastic road trip! Great pictures!

  2. That is awesome Everett did so well on your trip!! And I am laughing at that town of Hope, AZ where no one caught the obvious grammatical error before they put up that giant sign!

  3. Haha--your past hope! That's a good one.

  4. We're foodies on road trips too. We love finding hole-in-the-wall restaurants that are gems. :)

  5. oh dear! what a long trip :) so proud of you!!

    also that sign - i would be embarrassed if I was from hope "yes, I know about the sign with bad grammar. yes, i know the difference between your and you're. no, i don't know who made that sign..." hahah!

  6. Love the road trip pictures and your upbeat perspective on traveling with a wee one :)