Embrace the Seasons

We all know that 97.3% of the population have already caved in to the overwhelming celebration of Fall, even though there are 4 whole entire days of summer left.  Apple pie candles, scarves and pumpkin spiced lattes are apparently all the rage.

I happen to be furiously trying to complete my summer bucket list -- OCD much?! -- but I won't deny the fact that the cooler mornings and harvest scented air are sucking me in.  Plus I found a whole mess of thrifted beanie hats for Emmett today and he looks so darn cute in them.
With the ebbing away of summer, I started thinking. . .  why is it so easy for us to celebrate the tangible changing of seasons every three months, but we struggle to celebrate when the life does the same?

When summer days begin to shorten, we welcome tall boots, apple cider and pumpkin pie with open arms.  Then it's straight away to turkey and stuffing, then Christmas cookies, pine swags and twinkle lights.  Next to come, New Year's parties, red Valentine hearts, then warmer air, budding trees and rain boots.  Summer slips in with it's long hot days and afternoons by the pool and before we can blink twice, it's back to the ever loved mantra, Pumpkins! Leaves! Fall!!

Sad to say, I don't face the changing seasons of life with even half that enthusiasm.

When I'm in highschool, I want to graduate so I can do something with my life.
When I graduate, I struggle to know what to do.
When I'm single, I just want to be married.
When I'm married, I wish to be carefee for just one day.
When I'm working, I just want to be home doing housey things like laundry and dishes.
When I'm home, I just want to get out and adventure around.
When I'm childless, I can only think of how fun it would be to have a baby.
When I have a baby, I just want to sleep in peacefully for one blessed morning.
Oh fickle girl that I am.

Just once, I want to celebrate a new season of life for all the wonderful things it brings; instead of only seeing it for what it isn't.  Just once I want to be overwhelmingly grateful for my moments right now.

Because I am learning that what I lose with the passing of one season, I get back with relationships and memories that are incredible treasures in my heart.  In the words of my friend, Casey, Time gives and times takes away.  

I don't want to get to the end of my life and realized I had wished away my days for something that had passed bt or may be better to come.  Oh to graciously flow from one season to the next, celebrating each new day as better than the one before.
^^ Favorite part of my season right now?!  This little shopping buddy that I'm crazy about. ^^

- - - 
Happy Tuesday, friends!


  1. This is an astute observation, and one I'll have to spend some time pondering! I had never made the correlation between seasons of the year and seasons of our lives.

  2. I'm with you here girl! I am constantly trying to look on and on toward the next season of live--but why? I should be enjoying the present. Although I wish I could say I didn't cave to the pre-fall festivities, I did! I baked pumpkin cookies today... I held out as long as possible but when it's rainy and gloomy outside it's SO hard!

  3. man... God spoke through you today. We're in between seasons in life and it's driving us crazy. Trying hard to be content in all things and pray with thankfulness! Thanks for the great reminder!

  4. Yeah it's the whole grass being greener over the other side of the fence when often it really isn't, it's just the same old same old!

  5. What a lovely reminder that we should embrace the season we are in!

  6. I just love your blog! I've been following you for a a long time now, and I just really appreciate the comment you left on my blog! Thanks girl!…Oh…you have a cute baby ; )

  7. Yes, I can totally relate to this! I wrote something somewhat similar about this on my blog, in a post called Being Still. I really relate to the sleeping thing. I love being a mom but there are days I just want to do nothing and sleep!
    Thanks for stopping by and visiting, nice to connect with you!


  8. Nicole. What a beautiful connection and your words ring so true. We love safe newness - we have lived through the changing on the seasons our whole lives. It brings comfort. Memories. We know we like the feel of the sun in the summer, the crunch of the leaves under our boots in the fall, the warmth of gathering with family in the middle of the winter, and the fresh awakening of spring. But when our life changes we can never go back. We wonder what's ahead and wonder if it is better. We look back and miss things that have passed us by. Whenever I catch myself "wishing" my life away, I take a step back, count my blessings, and be here now. Because this, right here, is exactly what the Lord has for you at this time and IT IS GOOD.

  9. Nicole, Nicole...you have done it again! You have such a great way of making me see beyond where I am right now. I just did a post today about this very thing. Living in the moment and not only living but enjoying instead if always wishing for something different. LG and I are making some big decisions and looking to the future but we need to not forget about enjoying our little moments now! Thanks for that! :)

  10. Just found your blog, and I love this post! So true for probably all of us!

  11. This is so, so, so good and so true. It's a little funny because not too long ago, I wrote about how much I loved the beginning of each season, I loved the excitement and change that it brought. But when it comes to seasons in my life? Well, let's just say that's a completely different story. Thank you for reminding me that it's all about perspective and that with each lifestage comes excitement about newness, just like the changing leaves on the trees. :)

  12. such a great reminder, nicole. it is so hard to be all here in the present and in this current season when i am dreaming and wondering about the future. thank you for the encouragment to enjoy what is given to us right now :)

  13. This is so wonderul and so true. We each need to find joy and contentment in the seasons we're in. Such a good reminder for me as I'm waiting for Nate to finish school and waiting for us to be able to start our family.

  14. This is incredible, Nicole! Thank you for the wonderful reminder. I will be coming back to this often.

  15. I loved this. Beautiful writing and beautiful words! Thanks for sharing! Happy Tuesday to you, friend!

  16. What a lovely post! I often think the same thing.

  17. this is great! every season has its own beauty and i have been trying to appreciate each one, both literal seasons of the year as well as life seasons.

    Elle at elle-alice.blogspot.com