Less Talking. More Doing.

I love to talk.
Ask my husband.  Most nights I can hardly separate one run-on sentence from the next.
God bless him.

Most days this does more harm that good.  I spend so many of my moments talking talking talking about all the ways I want to beautify, change or grow in my life.

I talk about how I want to reach out to our neighbors and be Jesus to them.
I talk about things I want to do around the house and with our daily routines.
I talk about people I want to love better.
I talk about dreams I want to pursue.

I talk about dinners I want to plan with friends.

I talk about how I want to build community with believers in my physical community.
I talk about books I want to read.
I talk about how I want to be more Spirit-led.
I talk about surprise love packages I want to send my sweet friends.
I talk I talk I talk.

Most days I'm too busy talking about everything I want to do, that there is not much time left over for the actual doing.
One of my goals for this next season, is this.
Less talking.  More doing.
Less planning.  More acting.
Less wishful thinking.  More brave steps.

This week
+ I started walking with a new friend that lives five minutes from me.  I already feel blessed and encouraged.
+ I set up a fall party in the park for mamas and their littles in my community.  I crave to connect outside of church boundaries and circles that tend to separate and divide.
+ I went to my sisters' cross country meet and fought back tears as they ran their hearts out.  Then they came over for pizza.
+ I stayed up til 3 in the morning working on business things today.  Sometimes progress comes in tiny baby steps.

I am reminded though. that while our value in life is not measured by how much we do, I don't want to look back and see that I wasted my life by merely talking about my good ideas.
I want to live as a doer.


  1. beautiful! thank you for stopping by my blog the other day, and for giving me the opportunity to stop by yours. i hope you don't mind if I stay awhile. It's lovely....and I think we might be friends in the making :)

  2. Aggghhhh me TOO. I want to live as a doer. I cannot explain how much this post speaks to me. I feel like I am slowly, S-L-O-W-L-Y coming out of a long, deep hibernation in my life and awakening to possibilities. And you have helped spur that on! Blessings, friend.

  3. Lovely!! I'm the same way..my husband comes home and I almost throw up stories and questions and dreams..he always asks if I even breathe. This is a beautiful reminder to act and listen instead of always talking. Thank you friend!

  4. Great now I've got that song in my head, "a little less conversation, a little more ACTion..."

  5. I love this!! Such great wisdom.

  6. I'm telling you, you write straight into my heart & soul friend! =) =)
    SO needed to hear this!
    Thankful for you!

  7. This is wonderful, dear girl! I'm impressed by the things you're doing to make this change!