Log Village // Part 2

Hello friends!!  I'm back tonight with the last collection of photos from our day off from the Log Village {Part one here} Each year after working in the Log Village for several days, we take Sunday to roam around the grounds, listen to music shows and generally consume large amounts of anything akin to fair food: root beer floats, caramel corn, and of course massive grilled turkey legs.

We were lucky enough this year to have Adam's twin brother, sister-in-law and little niece passing through on their big move out East.  We showed them around to all the cool spots and my sister-in-law managed to do it in the most classy way possible.  That dreamy dress?!  She even had some cunning little red wedge sandals underneath.  Crazy fashionable girl. . . putting me to shame, I tell ya.
^^ cousin time!!! ^^
^^ my sisters also spent the day with us and were so grand at entertaining for Emmett as always.  He is practically smothered with love, the lucky kid! ^^

- - - 
As I was sorting through photos from the weekend, I was amazed how many snapshots I have of our family, my sisters, friends.  I always have heaps more people photos than things when it comes to these things.  It reminds me how much I lovelovelove relationships.  I am always wanting to freeze that moment of time spent together.  That memory of conversations, laughter, stories.  Friendships are such an incredible treasure in my life.
Jessica and I have been friends since I was ten years old.  This represents over a decade of friendship, hundreds of handwritten letters and so many phone calls.  She stopped by Saturday afternoon with her husband and two boys.  Such a dear one in my heart!
My friend, Bethany, approached my sister and I at our first visit to the Log Village almost 14 years ago.  That was before our years of volunteering, when we were just taking in all the sights and sounds.  I remember when she invited us to play the old game, Annie Annie Over, around the schoolhouse and then told me that she and her 11 brothers and sisters held concerts up on the main Reunion grounds.  
Every year we get to reconnect and now we have babies of our own!  Of course Emmett would practically dwarf Arianna who is almost a whole year older than he.  
^^ Last but not least, this favorite photo of our son's obvious bareback horse riding abilities.  You got skillz, boy, you got skillz. ^^

- - - 
Tomorrow I'm back with a big of tantalizing, exciting news, so don't go far away!