Ode To Monday

Oh Monday, how quickly it rolls around.  How was the weekend in your corner of the world?!?

Today was one of those weird days.  The kind when five o'clock rolls around and I do the mental tally of everything I accomplished, it's just slightly more than nothing.  These are the days I struggle with finding my value in what I have crossed off my to-do list.

On the days when I wash laundry, keep the dirty dishes moving, have supper ready before eight o'clock and manage to have less than 15 piles of stuff heaped around, I feel pretty awesome.  I give myself several mental, emoticon high-fives and feel rather impressed with my amazing self motivational skills.  It's like I could write a book or something. . .

But today I can't boast of that.  Instead as my scatterbrained, unmotivated self stares me back in the face, I am reminded where my value really lies.

I belong to Jesus.
I am loved because I am His.
The most valuable thing I can do each day is remember that worship with my words, my actions, my thoughts. . . that is how I can honor Jesus.

Of course it doesn't hurt when I manage to make a batch of gluten-free zucchini brownies. . . even though they did spill and burn in my oven.
In an effort to make this Monday just a little bit better, here's some stuff you need to check out around the world wide webs.

Good reads:
// This is my new favorite app.  So perfect for bookmarking great blogs, articles and posts for reading later.

Some Instagram feeds you cannot do without:

I also excited to be back to weekly menu planning.  Here's what we are eating this week:
Tuesday: Slow Cooker Pineapple Chicken Verde
Wednesday: Turkey Burgers and Parsnip Fries
Thursday: Shrimp Fajitas 
Friday: Pizza Night


  1. Miraculously I managed to do a load of dishes Monday. And... That's it :) but having a sniffly babe doesn't make for a productive day.

  2. I appreciate your heart in these words. Truth.

  3. okay, Nicole. one good blog comment deserves another. :)
    and I seriously loved. this. post.
    not so much for the to-do-ness of it {as my family and I are currently on vacation, so low motivational skillz are excusable, I think ;)}. but for the things that I can replace with a checked-off-to-do-list, like: how I ate that day, how much I weigh, my lack of male attention, and -- well, you catch my drift. I need to remind myself often that my value is found in JESUS. I am loved by JESUS. my purpose in life is to follow, know, obey, trust, worship, and generally live for JESUS.

    thanks for the reminder, friend.

  4. even your messy kitchen is beautiful! but for reals, this is such a great reminder! i love it!