Take Back The Summer // Edition 3

It's midnight here and that means that the sixth day of September has just slipped in.  I can't believe that we only have sixteen days of summer left.  What the what?!?  Of course for those of us lucky enough to live in the wonderfully unpredictable climate of the midwest, that doesn't really mean anything.

Do you remember this post that contained my rather ambitious summer bucket list?!  I'm pleased to announce that I only have nineteen items left to cram in before it's all about the pumpkins and scarves.  Seriously though.  It has been such a wonderful summer and this little collaboration with my friends Shelby and Amelia has been a real treat.  I am learning that the moments in life when I am most intentional become some of my most satisfying and joyful times.
Today is the last edition in this Take Back The Summer series and I've been so excited to share these photos from a few weeks ago.  Adam told me one Saturday that we were going to wake up early and watch the sun rise the next morning.

We set our alarms.
Woke our sleepy little dude in the early morning.
Stopped for donuts and hot chocolate.
And then sat wrapped in a blanket in the cool morning air, watching the sun blaze up into the sky.

There is something so peaceful, so awe-inspiring about fog over the water and the early morning sounds.  It has a way of melting away stress and the big problems that crowd our thoughts throughout the day.  It's in those moments that Jesus reminds us how big and great He is and that truly this life is such a beautiful, crazy gift.

I hope your summer has been so amazing.
What have been your favorite memories so far?!
Any last things to do before you hit the harvest-themes full swing?!

Happy Friday, friends!

- - -

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  1. Holy smokes, these photos are beautiful! I love them.

    This whole series has been awesome, Nicole. Thanks for including me! xoxoxoxoxo.

  2. gorgeous photos...sunrise photos are so beautiful!

  3. LOVE the photos! And what a great idea do as a family! Its been so fun to do this with you!

  4. Sunrises are the best! I used to work the night shift, and I got to see the sun rise almost every morning. These days, I see fewer of them, but it makes them all the more special!

  5. I love these photos...they truly are amazing!