A Community Fall Party

Our culture is the most connected generation of all times with so many avenues of social media and technology.  Yet tend to live such independent lives from people living in our own neighborhood.  

When I started staying home full time after Emmett was born, I hardly knew any young moms in our small town.  It was a lonely prospect to say the least.  Several weeks ago, I decided that something needed to change.

I organized an event on Facebook.  
I invited to few women I did know as acquaintances. 
I told them to invite their friends.

Then I planned a simple fall party at our local state park.
Nothing more than warm cinnamon rolls, a few lace banners and a simple craft from leaves, but my heart was overwhelmed with the beautiful community I have at my fingertips.  Sweet mamas and their babies.  Stories of real life.  A little girl who has overcome cancer.  A miracle story of a baby boy.  Stories of birth and jobs.  Old friends.  New friends.

It's in these moments of real, non-social-media life, that my faith in the beautiful of community is revived.  I am already so excited for the special Christmas get-together I am planning in the coming weeks.  My heart is so blessed.

^^ My go-to girl who pulled all my hairied loose ends together after Emmett messed through his clothes just minutes before the guests were suppose to arrive.  Babies are just tricky like that.  ^^


- - - 
Happy Tuesday, friends!


  1. love that you took the initiative to seek community. we just moved two months ago...and we just decided on a church home last week. more than ready to get plugged into a community and make some friends!!! jumping right in today by attending our new church's "sisterhood"...fellowship + teaching this morning. Glory to God! may the community we meet and the friends we keep spur us to be more like HIM!


  2. I think that's awesome that you took the initiative to get people together and have this party! I love community parties and yet in our generation they sure don't seem to happen all that often!

  3. Oh my goodness friend!!! I learn SO much from you :) I SO want to do real life with you!!! Much Love!!!

  4. This is so inspiring! I feel like it's been laid on my heart recently to develop community with other moms in my community as well. I think after our house craziness settles down, I'll think about throwing a party like this! :) :)

  5. yes! You are right. I love the REAL moments when friendships are celebrated and new ones created. Real memories happen off-media.:)
    Oh! You know my friend Abi! I love that girl so much.......
    thanks for the inspiration. I do love reading your blog, Nicole. It's a beautiful and refreshing web-stop.:) So keep it up!

  6. SO great. I feel the same way here! I am really trying to set up more play dates and get out of the house. Every time I do and connect with a mom that I really enjoy, not just because she's a mom but also a compatible person, I feel so rejuvenated, ya know?

  7. How wonderful that you took things into your own hands and invited women who are probably also craving community. I hope amazing, lasting friendships come from this party!

  8. What a lovely idea to connect with moms from your neighborhood. I would have come along too if I lived closeby haha. Gorgeous photos especially the lacey bunting. and thank you so much for stopping by my blog so I could find yours xo

  9. I love everything about this post. I admire your bravery in simply connecting. I desire community in this way, but feel very shy when pursuing it.