Be the Beauty

One of my favorite things about Instagram, blogging and social media in general is all the inspiration.

Inspiration for the home.
Inspiration for the heart.
Inspiration for your meals.
For your wardrobe, your schedule, your little people, your photos . . .

Sometimes I get lost in it all.  Overwhelmed in the utter inspiration.  Where to even start?!
I guess I'll just sit here and keep on pinning. . . 

Then I remember that baby steps are perfect.  Small improvements have value.
I realize that instead of admiring from the sidelines, I can be the beauty.

I can be the beauty in my home
in my family,
in my own little community.

I can be the beauty by making the world around me more inviting and peaceful.
A haven from the chaotic mess that surrounds us everyday.

I can be the beauty that I quietly crave inside,
knowing that all beauty is a reflection of a greater Creator.
A Creator that delights when we celebrate His incredible gifts to us.

Never loose an opportunity to see anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting.
// Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. I feel this way all the time! It's so hard to step back and see all the fun and the love and the beautiful things and do something with all you've taken in.

    That's usually when I go straight to the kitchen (carrying my laptop with some newly pinned recipe) and make some dang muffins.

  2. I love this! Little steps at a time. You are a wonderful writer!

  3. I love this perspective. I feel the same way- overwhelmed (and a little insecure) by all the amazing-ness out there that I forget that it doesn't invalidate my worth or what I can bring to my home and life.

  4. your right- sometimes it is way overwhelming and I get lost in it all too- i mean, where do you even start? But it is about baby steps, and it is about your spirit and adding small bits of beauty to your own life:)

  5. Ahh...I've said it before, but your photos are always so ridiculously gorgeous!

  6. Teens should also learn how to appreciate true beauty rather than spending too much time online.