Eatable Fall Party Invitations // DIY

I remember seeing something on Pinterest recently by Martha Stewart.  It was this adorable set up for a kid's fall party.  There was a low table, benches covered in argyle afghans and kids all surrounded by pumpkins.

My first thought was, Aww I can't wait 'til my babies are bigger so I can throw awesome parties like this!
My second thought was, Why wait.
I am super blessed to have younger sisters that are still in school.  They are the ones I can throw parties for while Emmett is still just interested in milk and finding computer cords to play with.  So I am super excited to have a pumpkin decorating/fall party for the girls from my youngest sister's cross country team.  How cute will they all be?!

I finally tackled the invitations today for the party that is a week and a half away.  Whoops.  They were seriously so simple and fun that I had to share with you guys tonight.  The awesome thing is that this style of invite could work with any of the holidays.  Just switch out the candies and you are good to go!
Supplies //
Brown Paper 
Plastic Bags 
Black Pen
Fall Candies of your choice

1//  Fill each plastic sack with a handful of candies.  I used plastic goodie sacks from the baking section of Hobby Lobby because that's what I had on hand.  

2// Cut the bag straight across; about an inch above the candy level.

3// Cut 5"x7" pieces of brown paper I used brown paper lunch sacks.  Fold to 5"x3.5".

4// Write your invitation message on one side of the brown paper.

5// Staple the open edges of the paper to the open side of the plastic bag.

6// Party time!!

- - -
I'm so excited to be linking up on my friend, Katie's lovely blog today!  Be sure to check out her awesome writing and photography.

Happy Wednesday, friends!


  1. how cute, festive, and simple are those invites?! simultaneously!!! LOVE THEM! :) and love you attitude..."why wait?!" you're so, so right.

  2. What a fun idea!!! I hope your sisters and her friends have an amazing time!!! You've got me wishing so much that I lived closer to my sisters so I could throw them and their friends parties.

  3. WHAT an adorable idea...i'm so glad you just seized the moment to do it! And thanks for linking up!!! You are so sweet:) love Katie

  4. these are adorable!!! i am making them for my coworkers for real!!!

  5. You have inspired me! Using this idea to throw a fall party in a few weeks! :) -Lilli Medhus