First Love

Newlyweds has to be one of my favorite titles in life so far.

There is something magical about the fact that we suddenly belong to each other.  I love the freshness of respect, the obsession with taking photos together, and the stolen kisses in the cereal aisle at the grocery store.

There is an oozing excitement with love in the early days and it is inspiring although sometimes a little obnoxious if we're honest.  Then somewhere between Is that toilet leaking through the ceiling?? and Ooh my word we're having a baby!!! life tries to chip away at the passion.
Suddenly the chubby-cheeked baby is getting more kisses each day than his handsome, hunky daddy.
Suddenly the person you were so obsessively crazy about just 18 months ago, starts settling to little more than an office partner.

Sometimes you need a good dose of young love.
Weddings are just perfect for that.
The tender reminder that marriage is such a gift.
And that somehow in is through the all struggles of life, that it becomes the strongest bond on Earth.

Emmett and I have had a wonderful time with friends in Michigan, celebrating a beautiful new marriage, but now I'm just excited to get home to my own favorite boy so I can get him all kissed up.

- - -
Happy Wednesday, friends!


  1. weddings are always a good reminder! Seriously! It feels like I always appreciate Steve that much more every time I go to a wedding!

  2. All your photos are so breathtaking!!! It makes me want to put down my iPhone camera and start taking real pictures with my DSLR for my blog!

  3. we went to a wedding this weekend and it was such a blast! we even got away to look at the stars and pray for the new marriage, our marriage, and our friends marriages. it was a sweet moment!

  4. Newlyweds are the best!! I am sad that now--after 2 years of marriage we aren't considered newlyweds anymore. :( But we can still act like them. :)

  5. This is absolutely beautiful. I pray you'll always remain a "newlywed". :-)

  6. GORGEOUS pictures! we have been experiencing a second newlywed season in our marriage right now...and it's been amazing! So...I say that even with children you can still feel like newlyweds!

  7. This is the absolute sweetest - and it's really refreshing to see. You remind me to remember where my own relationship began. xx

  8. Love this! You two are crazy adorable! And if I haven't told you enough yet- LOVE Your hair!! happy fall you cutie!

  9. Love this!! Your family is the absolute sweetest. Love your story and your heart! Praying the Lord continues to bless your family!