Fear hates community.

This quote by Jon Acuff, that was shared at The Influence Conference this year, has planted itself deeply into my soul and is slowly changing the way I view everything.  I may not have attended the conference, but God still spoke to my heart through the snippets of truth that leaked out on all kinds of social media.
It doesn't just happen in the world of blogging or social media.  It is sprinkled through all aspects of our life.  Work, school, church, family.  There is this secret fear that if I reach out to help those around me, my needs won't be met.  If I spend time building up the ones coming behind, I will become stagnant.  That if I don't set myself apart from all that is lesser, I will never be part of what is greater.

Instead, I believe that Jesus puts us right where we are in our families, in our work places, in our communities, in our number ranking on Bloglovin'; all for a specific reason.  He is putting people in place for us to bless.  People that can be encouraged when we use our influence, no matter how great or small, to encourage and uplift.  There is a work for us to do and it begs to not be ignored as we constantly reach for that next best thing.

Surprisingly it's exactly the opposite.

It has taken me a long time to fully grasp this, but the more and more it fills my heart, the more I am overwhelmed with joy.  Suddenly it's not about being the biggest dreamer or the craftiest mom.  It's not about becoming the most popular blogger or the Christian who sacrifices the greatest.  Rather it's about loving and serving each person that God has built into my circle of influence well and for the glory of Jesus.

- - -
I am so so excited to announce that my brand new handmade business will be launched bright and early Friday morning!!!  It feels like the anticipation of 1000 Christmases.  Be sure to stick close by because there will be an awesome giveaway to celebrate, special offers and a whole lot more excitement to follow!!

Thanks for all your encouragement along the way!  You each mean more to me than you know!

Happy Wednesday, friends!


  1. I love that. "Fear hates community." Never thought of that either! Brilliant. And so simply put. Glory to God!!!!


  2. Beautiful!! Praying for you!! Can't wait to take a peek at your shop!

  3. I'm going to squeal on friday morning!!! =) EEEKKKK so excited!
    And love your thoughts sweet girl! Agree SO much!! Always knew you were so wise ;)
    Much Love!!

  4. Wonderful post! I definitely agree with you! Can't wait to see your new business! :)

  5. Thank you for the wonderful comment on my blog! It is nice to meet you through the internet. :) Your love story sounds so romantic and adventurous! How sweet!
    I adore your blog and find myself really resonating with your posts. :) May your day be blessed!

  6. I loved this! Great thoughts on community and encouragement! I'm also super excited about your shop! Can't wait!

  7. amen! i so agree with this post. and i so needed the reminder!

  8. love that quote, nicole! thank you for the reminder about the importance of community!