On Being Remade

We recently started to attend our church's Saturday night service so that after Adam's 60+ hours of being away for work, Sunday can be an actual true day of rest.  And it was on a recent Saturday night that one of the pastors spoke this thought mid-sermon.
Jesus wants to remake me.

So simple.  Yet so lovingly gracious.
My nature is so rush headlong into things, in one big heap of emotions.
God gave me a man who makes slow, thoughtful decisions.

I will remake you.

I secretly want overnight success at everything I do.
Often God allows my endeavors to be marked by painfully slow growth.

I will remake you.

My heart often craves formulas that guarantee success in relationships, blogging, parenting, finances, and marriage.
God shows me my overwhelming need of dependance on His Spirit through brokenness, failure and unfulfilled plans.

I will remake you.

I have hopes and dreams for my life.  Ideas that seem spiritual and God-honoring.
God little by little takes each one and shows me that He has a better way.  A way that may be harder, more stretching, but ultimately so much more beautiful than I could imagine.

I will remake you.

This promise holds so much hope for us.
The promise that moment by moment, day by day, year by year; all those rough edges, the evidences of sin in my life, the ugly flashes of pride. 
They are slowly being remade into something beautiful.  Something redeemed.
I cannot think of a better picture of His grace in our lives than this.
- - -
Happy Thursday, friends!


  1. absolutely beautiful reminder. we are made new in Christ!!! God views us blameless, holy in his sight...WOW.

    thanks for the words, love.


  2. beautiful post. xoxo happy thursday to you too. thanks for sharing such pretty photos too!

  3. wonderful reminder! and you always write in such a beautifully simple way. thanks for cutting the clutter and being beautiful! proud of you!
    ps... your photos are bomb. your baby is bomb. your home is bomb. your the bomb.com

  4. your words are bomb. your baby's bomb. your home is bomb. your're the bomb.com

  5. totally loved reading this! I can so much relate... Actually it made me smile, because I could find myself in so many character things you wrote down! so happy that God is really changing each one in the way thats best and that his plans are far better than ours! It´s an adventurous journey! thankyou a lot for sharing!
    many greetings from far Germany, noni!

  6. Loved this reminder, thanks. And the bottom picture, oy!!

  7. Your words are so lovely! Thank you very much for sharing your heart so openly! I'm stopping by from The Wiegands and so excited to be following you on blog lovin' and through GFC now!

    Happy Sunday to you!