The In Between

I love people who live bravely. 
These are the stories that inspire us. 
That push us to want more than status quo.
The ones that show us what it means to live Faith.

When I hear their stories, it makes me want to quit the boring stuff I do each day for good.  Send me to Africa!  Let me take off across America on an public adventure!  Let me leap and be wild and free!!

Sometimes I forget that the brave ones are the ones living lives that are often unclear beyond today.  They often are taking steps of faith in the moment, unsure of what tomorrow will bring.  They aren't the ones that have the five year plan.  The steady career.  The culturally accepted answer to So what do you do?!  

If I want to live bravely for Jesus. . . if I want to live in a way that radically impacts my community, I must be okay with being different.  I must be okay with living in the in between.

Today I might be living in my small town, taking chocolate chip zucchini bread to our neighbors.
Today I might be practicing graciousness to those who frustrate me.
Today I might be learning what it means to faithfully, steady serve.

Tomorrow might be the next big adventure.  That big leap of faith.
Tomorrow the doors may open and a whole new season will begin.

But it's the in between that reminds us that life is more about what He is doing in us and less what we are doing for Him.

- - - 
Speaking of brave people.  Here are some of my recent favorites that you need to check out for yourself.  

This girl is overcoming so many physical odds and pursuing what she loves in a brave way.
This girl just got back from five months in Nepal at an after home for girls rescued from the sex trade.
This girl happened upon a need for shoes in Africa and decided to do her part.
This girls speaks bravely about blogging and sharing our lives on the interwebs.
This girls shows me what it means to truly get into my community and love.

Happy Tuesday, friends!


  1. So true...great thoughts here, Nic. thanks for sharing.

  2. i love this post. straight from the heart. so real. i love that we can be Jesus to people even through serving yummy bread to neighbors. having resurrection power living within us should make EVERYDAY a day of serving and following Him!! thanks for the reminder.


  3. So very well said. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love this! I fully feel like we can show God's love wherever we are... and sometimes his calling isn't where we would have seen ourselves--but it's always worthwhile.

  5. Amen. This is so well said. I think so many of us deal with this same thing. We want to be used in huge ways for the Lord but sometimes what He is asking of us is to live our lives simply and touch our neighbors, friends, and coworkers.