The Problem With Pollyanna

Sometimes choosing to live joyfully is awkward.
Awkward because it can come off as shallow.  Too carefree.  Untouched by the brokenness in the world.  It is almost holier to be painfully real 110% of the time.

Because you know the type.  The Pollyannas.  The Glad-Game-Players.  The ones that always seem to be squeezing every ounce of life out of the daily drudge.

These are the ones that I silently hate while I sit in my pajamas at 1:37 in the afternoon, eating a bowl of ice cream for lunch because I need comforting after seeing my stretched out, post-baby-belly in the mirror that morning.
How does her life look so fun and put together and easy.  And she has three kids. It's just annoying. 
Sometimes I forget that deep down inside, we are each fighting a battle.
There is pain from the past.
Frightening questions for the future.
The barely eking by today.
It feels easier to stagnate in life.  To stop celebrating, rejoicing, enjoying.  The frustrations are too hard to overcome.  Too hopeless to overcome.

The striking difference happens when one chooses to smile through the tears.  To celebrate despite the challenges.  Cherish the small victories instead of becoming overwhelmed by the impossible.

Life is too short to not be live beautifully.  Too short to not laugh and serve dinner on pretty plates and put a cute beanie cap on your little dude.  It's too short to not wrap birthday gifts with vintage dress patterns and go all out with birthday decorations.

We may have heard it one thousand and one times, but today is truly a gift and it's so much better when it's treated as one.

- - -
So happy Monday, friends and three cheers for Pollyanna!!


  1. Your little guy. To.die.for. I wish we lived closer together, how fabulous would that be? We'll just have to make meet ups in LA a yearly (or whenever you visit) thing. You're a good momma and you look stinkin' incredible! It's tough to live joyfully all the time, but when you chose it its' worth it. So true. Thanks for sharing today!

  2. You're so right! I think we tend to forget that Monday is a gift because well... It's Monday😉 choosing to look at today as a gift. Thanks for the reminder!!

  3. Love this. I am choosing to live beautifully today. Thank you. And yeah your little dude is just the cutest thing ever.

  4. Yes! You should repost this like... every week :)

  5. Yes! Good words! You should post this one like... every monday :)

  6. Love this. Life is too short to not live beautifully :) Thanks for sharing.

  7. love these raw, real, authentic thoughts! amen!!!


  8. Wow, what a great great post!! So spot on. It seems such a delicate line to walk, this this of being real but TOO exhausting, being joyful but not TOO happy. I love this so much! Life is too short to not celebrate it, to live it fully and live it well. You are inspiring to me!