The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

It's 6:28 in the morning.
Try to be a little impressed as my mornings of seeing 6:28 are as scarce as hens' teeth.

Life has been crazy lately.  A good good crazy.

Do you remember this post where I invited you to help me out with a brand new creative project I was about to launch?!  The response and encouragement was overwhelming!  I thought the initial stages of the project would take a week.  Two tops.

Fast forward six weeks.  Yesterday afternoon I walked into the post office with a baby in one arm and a teetering stack of brown boxes balanced dangerously high in the other.  Then it was back home to a front room that looked as though a paper, lace and baby toy explosion just happened.
My heart was so happy though.  This is the stuff that dreams are made of.

Sewing nights until 3:00am where I haul through seasons of reality tv to stay distracted.
Corners full of dust bunnies and lost threads. Dishes in the sink.
Desperate prayers for a blessing on my dreams.
Afternoon breaks to get in the sunshine.
Early mornings to catch up on emails and finish shop design.
Choosing to have faith in place of fears.
Hope.  Waiting.  Courage.  

I love watching the lives of fellow dreamers.   I am inspired.  Challenged.  Made brave by their actions.  But let's be honest.  It can be a little discouraging seeing people who are an overnight success.  It's hard to relate when I'm still in the trenches of making it happen.

There is a funny place between a heart and mind full of dreams and the practical outworking.  It's the place of unrequited hard work and investment.  The place where you put your heart on the line, not knowing if any part will take wings and soar.

So this morning, I pause from my work to encourage the dreamers.  The creators.  The risk-takers.
I share from a place of my own insecurities and unknowns.  From the trenches.
Let's keep living bravely today.  And eventually we will go places.
- - -

Happy Saturday, friends!

Never let success get to your head
and never let failure get to your heart


  1. I am not kidding one teensy bit, I am IN AWE of you. I can hardly imagine where you get all of your gumption, umption, and downright motivation. But you certainly inspire! It makes me want to be brave enough to chase some of my dreams. Blessings---

  2. Seriously! You are so awesome! Way to chase your dreams!

  3. way to go after your dreams! so excited for you!

  4. That room looks like some amazing stuff went down! Glad for you, and thank you for being open and honest. I echo a ton of what you're saying, and I appreciate your encouragement.

  5. umm yes, I understand the frustration of people who seemingly are overnight successes while your putting in so much work without seeing many steps forward. But anything good worth doing usually takes time. Most of the time overnight successes are just that.. overnight successes and then they dwindle. Stay encouraged sweet girl!

  6. me too. girl me too. but i know the Lord has put those dreams in your heart for a reason!!