Happy With Calm

Last week, my precious little laptop of five years finally gave up the ghost.  From the fall of 2008 to now, it has travelled around the world and back many many times; quite literally becoming an extension of my right arm.  To be honest, nothing makes me feel like quitting more than computer problems.  It makes working hard at my dreams exponentially harder, as trivial and dramatic as that sounds.  


But as frustrated as I have been the week, as we wrestle through finances and choices regarding a laptop replacement; Jesus reminds me that life is so much more than all this.

So much more than chasing dreams.
So much more than blogging.
So much more than staying connected.
So much more than trying to become the best.
So much more than making a name for myself.

It's about Jesus.  Jesus and only Jesus.

So here I am once again, struggling to unclench my white-knuckled fingers from my hopes, my dreams in surrender to His greater plan.  Once again being reminded that having seasons of calm, seasons of being unplugged, of focusing on husband and baby is healthy and good for the soul.

- - -
Things will remain a little quiet around these parts for a few more days, so I'll squeeze in a few extra baby cuddles, last minute creating for December Parcel Post packages and probably about 100 paper snow flakes for hanging in my kitchen window.  Because we all know if I don't get a head start on winter decorating now, it will be spring before greenery and twinkle lights ever show their face.

Happy happy Wednesday, friends!


  1. so often i get wrapped up in...well anything BUT jesus. sometimes i need a swift kick in the butt and can hear a small quiet...PATIENT voice as i'm laying down for bed saying 'what about me'. as i cram in every other possible event during the day that i deem more 'important' or rather more 'urgent' than having quiet time. sometimes it takes big things for you to realize that social media, blogging, friends, even husbands aren't as important as getting your priorities back on track.

  2. There's that word again: "surrender." I've been reading/hearing it so much lately, and it's been hard for me to swallow. God is teaching me the same things, and I'm grateful to read that I'm not alone, that someone else out there is uttering the same prayers, sifting through the same emotions, and hoping in the same God through it all. This season is going to really change you. It's going to make you more like Jesus. Encouraged by your embracing of it!

  3. Oh, yes. I've been reading the Book Thief, which is good, but which is also stopping me in my tracks every time I think my life isn't good enough. And every time I think my little goals are Everything. There is something Bigger.
    BUT--I feel you on your laptop loss. I purchased mine my junior year in college, and it is on its last leg!

  4. yes! SO MUCH MORE.
    thanks for this word.
    such a needed reminder~

  5. It's crazy how computer problems can show us what really matters again. Hand raised here ~ we have had so many issues with our computer the last two years, and I know the frustration! So here's to hoping you can have one soon again, and enjoy the extra time in the waiting. xo

  6. You are so right, it really is all about Him. About Jesus who is so much more and who deserves so much more. To Him be the glory forever and ever! :)

    And I love how it's little moments like these that remind us of His glory! God really does work in amazing ways.

  7. this time of year is so crazy, but it also brings things into perspective! I left my phone at home last week on accident, and you know...I actually survived! makes me wonder why I am so attached to it all the time!

  8. Thanks for these words! Exactly what I needed.

    xo & now following

  9. so right, that totally is the main thing. and I´m so very sure he will provide for you and your needs and you will get a perfect laptop in the right time , because you surrendered it all to him and meanwhile you can focus on the key things and have fun with your loved ones! loved reading this, thanks a lot for sharing, be blessed, noni!

  10. I love the depth to which you share in your post! Thanks for being a blessings and encouragement Nicole! <3 Sarah Berthelet

  11. as always, perfect timing in what you are saying! I needed this! Thanks! Love ya!

  12. computer problems are the worst! first world problems, i know, but still so frustrating!

  13. You WILL make it. You are one of the most determined individuals I know of. If anyone can make it in this crazy blog-world, YOU can!