The Favorites Community // November

It's no secret that I love community.  Life is so much better when we share it with people we love.  Blogging has opened a whole new world of beauty and community for me and I am so grateful.

I am excited to share some of the wonderful women that are partnering with me here on TIMF.  Throughout the month, they hang out over there on the sidebar <--- but today I want to introduce them to you.  Honestly, in the past, I kind of ignored sponsorship ads on my friends' blogs.  Then on a whim one night, I decided to visit each sponsor's blog on my friend's sidebar.  I found some real treasures!  Especially the inspiring Katie from Hope Engaged.  She has become a dear friend already and I hope to meet up with her the next time we are in California.

So please take time to visit each of these friends below.  I'm actually turning comments off today so you can go leave them some love!  Read their posts, learn what they are passionate about, and who knows, you might just meet your new best friend.  Let's be the beauty of community to each other this week!

Happy Tuesday, friends!!
- - -

Meet Bri from the blog Mamages
Bri is mama to the super cute Mr William and soon to add a little lady to the family!!  I love her list of goals for the rest of the year.  Especially to slow down and do things on William's time.  I can learn from this so much!!  You can find out eleven secrets about her here and see her perfect baby bump here.
- - -
Meet Bekah from Sunshine To The Square Inch
The first time I visited Bekah's blog, I was drawn into the story of her family living in Brazil as missionaries.  I also love her love for ferris wheels and her super cute Etsy shop here.
- - -
Meet Laura from Girl In Flight
Talk about all the talent in one place!!  Check out her gorgeous photos from a recent trip to Morocco.  She also makes meals that put mine to shame, PLUS she designs gorgeous blogs.  You can check out her shop here.
- - -
Meet Shelley from Frame of Mind.
This girl is one of my favorite vision partners.  We have had so many conversations about pursuing the dreams God has laid on our hearts and how that practically looks in real life.  Her two adorable girls, Jocelyn and Charlotte are constantly filling up her blog with cuteness.  I also am craving this Mexican Quinoa Salad!!
- - -
Meet Meg from Rivers and Roads
I love seeing her exploring adventures, like this trip to the stunning Garden of the Gods.  Plus, she posts these super drool-worthy Etsy round-ups with heaps of cute things to choose from!
- - -
Meet Anna Kate from Home Away From Home
Anna Kate has a little Emmett, so for me, what's not to love?!  I am also totally crushing on her wedding photos here.
- - -
Meet Natalie from A Nat In The Kitchen!
Natalie is such a dear, living in Oregon with her husband, Jachin and their gorgeous little girl, Addison.  I mean Look at her cuteness!!
One of my favorite posts recently was this one on ways the little ways we see God's grace in our lives.
- - -
Meet Jacey from The Balanced Wife
I love how she says Balance is not living up to everyone else's expectations and constantly seeking approval. . . to me, balance is deliberately choosing priorities and making time for them.
This post on doing less to serve myself is a real gem!  Jacey is also an entreuperner, offering writing, email management and editorial skills.  You can find out more here.

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Happy Tuesday, friends!