Well Spent

Sometimes my heart needs a slow drip of Truth throughout the craziness of the day.  This is why I love worship stations on Pandora, 'Jesus Calling' and online sermons.  Recently I was sewing and listening to a sermon by Reality Church in California.  This thought grabbed my heart and hasn't let me go.

Am I being well spent for Jesus. . .

It's easy to be spent when I am surrounded in a blaze of Christian glory.

On the short term mission field.
On the days when my best friend needs listening ear.
On the speaking tour in Australia to advocate for orphans.
On the days when my baby can't stop being cute.

Yes, Jesus.  Use my life.  I love when you use me.

But on the day that my emotional needs are not met
on the day my expectations have been crushed
on the day I am taken advantage of
on the day that my flesh cries out for justice

This is the day I must humbly say Jesus, may you be glorified in my weakness.  Remind me in my most selfish moments that you spent everything for the sake of the Gospel.  May that also become the daily cry of my broken, entitled heart.

^^ photo props to my lovely sister Grace ^^
- - - 


  1. Hi. I love you. Your blog blesses me. Can't wait to go on a road trip with you. :)

  2. Hello! I just discovered your blog and I am so glad that I did! This post is a wonderful reminder and I look forward to reading more :)

  3. Love those mittens. And gosh. Allowing myself to be spent for Jesus on days when I want to be taken care of myself (you know, like my emotional needs haven't been met and I just want to be focused on by others). That's a serious charge. Great reminder.

  4. yes girl. and that photo. man, you take the loveliest photos!

  5. thank you so much for this reminder! that is so true - it's not always easy to be spent in the best of times, but we must also allow God to use us in our weakness :)

  6. Mmmm...this is so good and so true. I too often feel like I have to be somewhere or I have to do something great to feel like I'm working for Him. But like you said, He works and uses our weaknesses to show how great of a God He really is. Thanks for this reminder, Nicole!

  7. This was so so beautiful sweet Nicole! Thank you for sharing. I had no idea there was a Jesus Calling station on Pandora…i'm going to look that one up!! I am in such a season now that we are back in California of wanting God to use us here!! Love you!

  8. Thanks for sharing this. I can't help but think of Jesus. His biggest mission was accomplished at the lowest emotional point in his life - the cross. It's a good reminder for me to think that my lows aren't as bad as His lows. God used Him and He will use me.

  9. <3 This is so true! Thank you so much for this wonderful reminder! :-)

  10. a. you have gorgeous hair
    b. thank you for this sweet reminder. also, i love listening to sermons while i'm at work. i feel like i'm actually doing something productive :)