A Christmas Cookie Party

Do you remember the fall party I hosted for a group of local mamas and their little people?!  You can see the recap HERE.

We had so much fun at that event, I decided to host a Christmas cookie decorating party this month.  Then I had arranged for us to deliver the cookies to a local retirement home after our lunch of soups and french bread.  

The funniest thing happened that I never could have expected.  All the guests never showed up. Haha!!  So instead of the big party I was planning, I managed to contact one of my friends and she, her daughter, my friend Jenisa and I decorated all the little snowflakes, candy canes  and snowmen.  It turned into a wonderfully chill get together and Adam and I have been enjoying lots of warm-up soup all week, so that's a plus!
 ^^  my ever-faithful-last-minute-details girl!! ^^ 
^^ such a holiday weakness. . . ^^
While Emmett and I were at the afternoon exercise group where we were delivering the cookies, I overheard the program director taking down a list of what each person wanted for Christmas.  My heart broke as I heard more than one elderly lady say I just want to have the whole family together again.

My prayer during these last days leading up to Christmas and even into February, July, October; is that Jesus would open my eyes to see the hurting, the lonely, the broken all around me.  I want more of His heart in this way.  I want to love more like He did.

- - - 
Happy Tuesday, friends!!


  1. awe sweet girl! I bet you made their year bringing that precious baby boy in. Funny how God is in the details and unexpectedly surprises us, had you been there with a big giant group you probably wouldn't have noticed the small words mentioned by that elderly lady. Bless you friend.

  2. "I just want to have the whole family together again..." Whoa, that kind of stops me in my tracks. For me, Christmas is such a joyful time. And yet for many people I know, there is so much pain & sadness. Sometimes I feel guilty for the joy I feel. But like you, I want to learn to LOVE better, and even in my own joy, to enter into the sadness of other people...

    And what a bummer about your party!! It looks so fun, I can't believe no one showed up. You have a great attitude about the whole thing. I love your heart, Nicole!

  3. that looks like so much fun!! & how sweet to be able to deliver them! :)

  4. oh my goodness - those cookies look delicious.
    and that totally stinks everyone wasn't able to show - but it sounds like the cookie decorating still went on lovely!

    and that breaks my heart about the wish the older woman had. it just goes to show that this season can be so heartbreaking and lonely for others - and that we have to do our best to bring cheer and love. great reminder today.

  5. Such a fun thing to do for Christmas! It's so hard being reminded of all the hurt in the world, and feeling like you're only doing a tiny bit to make it better. But I think you and your family are such a huge light for Christ, and people all around you feel His love!

  6. LOVE your garlands in your home! And those cookies are so festive:)

  7. I just went to a cookie exchange! I love all the exciting cookie things that come with Christmas!

  8. I can't believe no one showed up!!!! I'm glad you were able to have fun anyway. :-)

  9. This looks like so much fun! I would have totally come!!! Loving your blog by the way. Happy I found it :)