If Today Is A Gift

Ahhhh!  I am officially a pathetic computer addict because of how excited I was when a new-to-us laptop arrived in the mail last week.  I miss blogging and connecting with each of you!!  Not to mention the overload of emails and correspondence that manages to accumulate in three weeks.

As much as I hate them; blogging breaks are so good for my soul.  God always uses them to show me a little more of me in ways I cannot see when my heart and brain are clogged with technology.   He reminds me more and more that I get so caught up in everything that doesn't matter in life.  In making a name for myself, in pursuing my dreams for myself, in making a life of comfort for myself.  Myself myself myself.

It really hit home today when I happened upon this video a few of my friends shared on Facebook.  My heart was pierced as I was once again reminded how fragile and precious life is.  But honestly, it wasn't anything we haven't heard before.

Cherish today.

Make memories with those you love.

Jesus is all that truly lasts.

And all the 1001 inspiration quotes I can say in my sleep.
No.  That's not enough.  Not enough to making a lasting difference.  Not enough to change the posture of my heart.  I am realizing that without Jesus drawing my eyes to Himself each day, I will cherish the moment only as long as my Inspiration Words Pinterest board is open.  Without the picture of Eternity constantly on my mind, I will go on making much of me during my short time on this earth.

I want more.  
I want to live in a way that acts like today is a gift.  I want to truly realize there is more than growing a successful handmade shop.  More than a K behind my number of Instagram followers.  More than being the best wife or mama.  More than all this stuff that drags me down each day.

Jesus, fill my heart with You.
Fill my life with relationships that will make much of You.
Fill my vision with Eternity and what that truly means.
Fill my time on Earth with less of me and more of You.


  1. Amen sister:) I love this! xxoo Katie

  2. This post is so beautiful! I need to be reminded to enjoy every minute, to constantly seek God's blessings and be grateful for them, and to not limit myself to social media and my own wants and needs to find inspiration. Those things can burn me out! Thanks : )

  3. Well I think that you WILL go far because God knows that you will use it all to glorify Him. These are lessons that we all need to learn a little better. Glad you got a computer and will be back to blogging! Missed you!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your heart and that video of Abigal. God has been speaking to me, telling me to slow down and sometimes I'm stubborn and I d point want to listen and your post just cemented in me the fact of how precious each day truly is.

  5. Could not agree more. Thank you for encouraging my heart today!

  6. such a powerful reminder!! thank you.

  7. Blogging breaks are definitely good for the soul. That video was amazing - what a heart.

  8. This post is beautiful! But I just have to say that last picture of you is so Katniss like! It looks like you are carrying around a bow and arrow and living the District 12 life. It makes me smile!