Sometimes I try too hard at life. . .

to hard at a perfect family photo.
to hard at perfect Christmas decorations.
to hard at memory-making
to hard at Instagram captures
to hard at being spontaineous
to hard at planning awesome moments.

We woke up late because Emmett had a doozey of an early morning.  As I was preparing to dash around to make it to church less than 30 minutes late, I happened upon the email update that due to excessive snow, all services had been cancelled.  I rushed Emmett into his warm little shark suit and it was out into snow.

There is something magical about just after a big snow.  The quiet tracks on the street.  The perfect blanket of white across the lawn.  Everything has the hush of white and early morning.  Emmett thought snow shoveling was hilarious, as was Adam's handfuls of snow that he threw our way.  My family stopped by.  They brought Emmett a gift of tiny bananas.  It was this beautiful moment of laughter and excitement.

There was no outfit planning.  No make-up on.  Just little moments frozen in time.  Perfect in their own way.  It makes me think that maybe I need a little more un-planning in my life. A little more of being unplugged.  A little more carpe diem.  A little more just finding what's beautiful right now and simply enjoying it.

Also, I never got the perfect Christmas card photo taken which is fine because what could I have planned that would top this?!
^^ I don't even like bananas, but these little baby ones?!  I die! ^^
- - -
May your last Christmas days be so merry and bright!!

Only two days left, friends!!  



  1. Awesome snow day fun! And my boys had those jammies... so cute!

  2. Those baby bananas!! cuteness overload.
    And I agree with you wholeheartedly - sometimes I get too ambitious on planning the best party/dinner/whatever-it-is-you-care-about that I forget to just let things happen, because that is when the small moments will become big ones :)

  3. this was absolutely genuine and beautiful!! thank you for sharing your heart--I need more unplanning in my life, too.

  4. so perfect! sometimes those unplanned moments are the most priceless of all!

  5. Your family is just so adorable! Oh to have that child like love for snow again would be magical!

  6. Girl, your posts these past two days have spoken words into my heart that I needed to hear. So thank you for that!!! :)

    Secondly, the power and importance of unplanning. As a super planner-er, it's so easy for me to think that planning is the way to go. But like you said, unplanning is also of equal importance. Definitely going to have to remind myself of that truth this week!

    Lastly, I so agree with you on the magical effect of snow. Everything really does get peaceful when the snow is out!

  7. his sleepy eyes in the last picture are just too much adorable. and your hat is simply darling. love your openness and your heart for not appearing perfect. =) merry christmas neesby family!

  8. Yay for snow days!! We gave up on perfect family photos one year and just sent out a compilation of all the bad pictures we'd taken in an effort to get one good one. It was my favorite card ever. We did the same with the pics with Santa. Just not worth the stress, but definitely gets a laugh years later:

  9. <3 Sometimes things that aren't planned are the best! :-)

  10. I absolutely love these photos! They make me happy :)

  11. I think the candid photo of you and Emmett in the air should be your Christmas photo. It is so real and so fun.

  12. Haha, love the banana pic! Too cute!
    And I agree-the unplanned moments/captures/memories ALWAYS seem to be the very best. :)
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

  13. even without the planning these are some of the best christmas photos i've seen : ) such a cute family!

  14. even without the planing these are some of my favorite christmas photos i've seen! such a cute family!

  15. even unplanned those pictures are magical! those are the ones i love getting anyways! ones with life!!!!

    ps: you are beautiful even with no makeup on!!