Our Thanksgiving Weekend

 This long four day family weekend has been such a gift!! We spent Thanksgiving day with my cousins all afternoon and evening.  I love that our family holidays go like that.  Food and laughter and family all day long.

Friday afternoon we spent together.  Family date days are definitely becoming a favorite.  The normal grind of work weeks can really wear on the fabric of family bonds and it's so easy to loose sight of how blessed we really are.  These three boys of mine though... they are so amazing and fuuuun!!

On Saturday, we hit up a rather forlorn Christmas tree farm.  Of course we would come home and discover that we cut down a tree that was growing at a 45 degree angle out of the hill.  How is it that two out of our four Christmas together, we have ended up with crooked trees?!  I am convinced that the tree fairies must have it out for us and they are getting a good laugh right about now.  So if you are looking for our house, ours is the one with the tree that looks like it's standing forward on it's tip toes. 
- - - 
^^ Emmett was especially impressed with the ham and scotcheroos on the Thanksgiving menu ^^
^^ cousins cousins cousins!! ^^
^^ Probably the most epic snow-ball-thrower's-face ever.  I love this kid so much! ^^
^^ Emmett was super in to picking out our tree.  He kept pointing to one after another.  Also he was very obsessed with making handprints in the snow.  We had to draw the line when he was trying to drag Gideon's hand into a snow drift. haha ^^
^^ It feels like broken ornaments is such a parental rite of passage. So far our count is at two. haha ^^
Tomorrow is Monday which means Adam is back to work -- waaahhh!!  You will find us curled up in the fetal position and eating all the left over holiday treats we can get our paws on.  

What was the best part of your weekend?!?!

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  1. I LOOOOOVE this last picture...it just oozes warmth and coziness. Don't you love snuggling a tiny one by the tree?! I wish I would've soaked that up more with Jocelyn....granted I only had about 5 days until Christmas was past. :p