Simple Bow Tie Onesie // Tutorial

For Emmett's first birthday, I made him a little bow tie tee shirt.  To be honest, the bow tie was flat and really quite unimpressive.  But I loved the concept so much, I continued to work at the pattern and now these baby bow tie onesies are my go-to gift when my friends have a little guy join their family!

My favorite part about this project?! Each onesie/tee shirt takes literally 15 minutes to make, start to finish.  You also need zero sewing skills -- it's literally one straight stitch, one zig-zag stitch and several lines of hot glue.  Can you see me with my pom poms at the sidelines, 'You can do it! You can do it!!'

Here's some simple instructions to get you started.
Baby Bow Tie Onesies 

Supplies //
white onesie or tee shirt
fabric scraps
hot glue gun
1// Cut two rectangles out of your fabric of choices.  One rectangle should be 13"x3.5" and the other 2.5"x2".
 2// Sew a straight stitch lengthwise on the larger rectangle, right sides together.
 3// Turn right side out and iron with the seam running down the center of the rectangle.
 4// Iron smaller rectangle into thirds
 5// Fold outer edges of the large rectangle into the center of the fabric.
 6// Fold outer edges once more into the center.
 7// Sew a zig zag stitch on the center seam to hold in place.
 8// Squeeze center of tie together to resemble the bow tie fold.  Place a dot of hot glue on the center fold to hold in place.
 9// With the raw edges facing down, secure the smaller piece on the center of the tie with a dot of hot glue.
 10// Wrap the edge towards the back of the tie and secure with a dot of hot glue.
 11// Secure remaining edge with a dot of hot glue to the back.  You may need to trim the length of the center tie depending on how tight you wrapped it around.
 12// Use dots of hot glue on the center and two outer edges to attach to the tee shirt.
 Notes // 
These bow tie onesies can be washed and dried as normal, though I do air dry ours to help preserve the life of the hot glue.  Also be advised that this will increase your baby's cuteness levels so be sure to hang onto them extra tight. ;)


  1. are you gonna make more sewing tutorials? i enjoy them a lot!

    your baby boy is so cute.

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    1. i am planning on sharing some of my favorite creative projects this next year!! keep your eyes peeled. ;)