The Worship of Gratitude

On the eve of Thanksgiving, I realize that with each passing year I view life less through the rose-colored glasses and more through the lens that Life is hard, but God is good.

Somehow always, always good.

If we are honest, I think we all have experienced many less-than-thankful-moments this year.

When the bank account screams to us in red.
When the words falling on our ear crush our spirits.
When the pregnancy test comes up negative. . .  again.
When the relationships we cherish crumble before our eyes.
When the doctors say words you never want to hear.
When the heartbreak we cry through leaves us feeling desperately alone.
When the one we love slips ahead of us into glory.
When the days plods along and we wonder if our life really matters.
When God seems far and brokenness larger than life.
These are the moments when gratitude is undesirable.  The last thing we consider.  But these are the moments when my heart desperately needs it the most.  I don't think I fully grasp that.

I believe that God leans in extra close when He sees his precious children humbly, brokenly bowing their hearts in a posture of gratitude.  We when come in quiet, quaking thankfulness believing the promise that He will someday, in His own glorious way, make all things work for good.

Giving thanks in the trenches of life changes us.

But it remains our choice.  An act of worship really.  Will be humble our hearts and let the glorious grace upon grace of a sovereign Father cradle our hearts as we come before Him in thanks?!  I am praying for each of you that your hearts are filled in an inexplicable, joyful way tomorrow. . . no matter where you find yourself on the journey of life.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.
^^ these are some peaceful moments from this summer that I am still so grateful for. ^^


  1. What a sweet and heartfelt post! I love, love that song by All Sons & Daughters!

  2. Gosh, you are just an amazing writer. Thank you God for Nicole and the gift you've given her.

  3. thanks dear. you are always so encouraging. xo