Welcome Little Gideon!!

Sometimes life surprises us in the best ways possible.  Take for example this handsome little angel baby that showed up a whole two weeks early.  We are still wandering around in a rather shocked stupor in this house.  And the icing on the cake?! If Emmett's birth story was a textbook example of all things gone wrong, this little guy's is it's perfect antithesis.  It was almost as if God was just showing off His greatness and we didn't mind a bit.

I'll be sharing the whole story very soon, but in the meantime, I want to share his name and why it's so special to us.
Like Gideon in the Bible, may you cling to God as you do hard things
Like your Uncle Brian, may you love and serve your family well.
Like your great great Grandpa Steele who led your Grandpa Chmelar to Jesus, 
may your heart always beat for the Gospel to be heard.

We love you, our little Gideon Brian Steele Neesby.


  1. Oh my gosh he's perfect! You're going to make me go into pre term labor just looking at him! Enjoy those newborn snuggles!!

  2. He is beautiful! And I am so happy for you that things went so blissfully smoothly. What a huge blessing!! Congrats, and soak up those little moments. LOVE the name, btw. Gideon was always towards the top of our list...not that we've ever gotten a chance to use it yet. :p

  3. Congrats! He is destined to do great things!

  4. He's so adorable! Congratulations!!!

  5. congratulations!!! he is so precious! and I LOVE the name..and the meaning behind it!! can't wait to meet him in his little person sometime!!
    hugs to you, friend!

  6. Oh, this is just so wonderful!! I LOVE the meaning behind his name. Names are a big deal to me, but the meaning even more so. What a beautiful strong name you've given your little son. And the little alluding to his birth, I am so thankful with you for a better experience. Yay God! xoxo

  7. love it -- sweet, precious boy, and a string, fitting name. looking forward to reading about his arrival into our world.
    congratulations, adam, nicole, and emmett, on sweet lil' gideon.