17 More Christmases

I almost freak out sometimes how fast these days with our littles are flying by.  A few weeks ago I was up with Gideon in the middle of the night.  I was frustrated and tired.  Three AM and I have never been friends.  In the middle of wearing the groove on our white floor, God prompted me to start whispering thankful prayers in my heart.  Instantly I was stilled and reminded of what a great treasure these days are.  I know I will blink and they will be gone.
We are having so much fun this Christmas with Emmett.  He roars at his lion ornament hanging on the bottom branches of the tree.  He couldn't keep his dimpled little paws off tomorrow's advent package.  He chants 'ho ho ho' every time he sees a santa in that adorable way that only toddlers can.  And Gideon has this infatuation with the big Christmas bulbs on the tree.  His eyes get all twinkly and my heart just about explodes.

How is is possible that Christmas is one week away?!  And how is it possible that we only have 17 Christmases left with Emmett before he is off to college?!!  That makes my heart hurt just a little bit.  We have these babies and know that every night when we go to sleep, one more day has slipped away.  One day closer to sending them into the world as men.  I know these days will fly by so fast, no matter how long the nights may seem.  So so fast.  Oh!  I just want to live fully today.  Squeezing all the laughter and love and wonderment out of these precious days.
 ^^ This was before he realized how fun it is to open presents. haha ^^
^^ A big snowman poster craft ^^
^^ this little heart throb.  i can't even!! ^^ 
^^ We attended the Skraggs Family Christmas concert and we hung around long enough to meet their sweet family.  I had tears in my eyes when Buck White leaned in to pray a blessing over Gideon's life.  So special!! ^^
^^ Meeting the camel, Jabaar, at a local live animal Christmas play on Sunday.  We are loving all these fun holiday events. ^^

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  1. Doing a little catching up on your blog and am so sad I missed that giveaway! Pretty mail is such a lost art, especially in my own life. I want to do better! And 3am and you not being friends?? Yeah, RIGHT there with ya. I actually have mini panic attacks about it happening all over again in June if I let myself....but your'e so right. These moments will be gone before we know it. I often think of "18 Christmases" or only "16 more summer" etc. So scary!!! We need to cherish these moments. Blessings---