3 Tips For Managing Christmas Toys

Emmett and Gideon made out like little bandits this Christmas.  I guess that happens when you have so many doting aunties, uncles, cousins and grandparents.  Even I felt excited as he was tearing open his gifts --  maybe it's because children bring such magic to Christmastime or maybe it's because I haven't really grown up on the inside.  Regardless, we are going to have to much fun this winter when the cold midwest winter keeps us housebound.

Some of my favorites that he received was this adorable little circus set, tiny sleigh and of course this little garden set I made for Emmett.  But as all parents can attest, managing all the new toys and gifts can be a bit of an after-Christmas challenge.  How do you merge them into your already full toy boxes and encourage more imaginative play in your children's life?

I thought I would share three simple tips that have helped us get organized and ready to play in this post-Christmas season.
// Pare Down
I find that several times a year, it's super helpful to sort through our stuff and pare down the things that we no longer need or use on a regular basis.  This is especially helpful when it comes to toys and kid's stuff in general after the holidays, as it frees up space and keeps our clutter count at a minimum.

Any excess stuff heads to a consignment store or our local Goodwill.
// Divide & Conquer
One of my favorite ways to manage toys is to create play spots at different places around our home.    This is how it looks for us.  In our living room, there is one basket of random toys, some building blocks and a circus set.  In my office, we have Emmett's work bench that my dad built for a Christmas gift this year, musical instruments and art supplies.  The majority of the toys are in Emmett's nursery.  I also keep a small basket of toys and books in a basket next to Emmett's car seat so he has stuff to play with while we are on the road.  I like this because it means we don't have to carry things back and forth between the house and car.

What I like about this strategy of toy management is that it gives Emmett multiple places to play around the house without dragging stuff all over.  It also makes the messes manageable as there are limited toys in each spot.
// Create Toy Rotations
Sometimes Emmett can get overwhelmed when there is a ton of stuff to play with in one area.  By moving the toys around the house it seems to give them a fresh face and helps keep playtime interesting.

Another things my mom did when we were little was packing away some toys for several months and then bringing them out again.  I remember when we got our doll house back, it was like a whole new game and we played with it for hours.

- - -
Most of all, I hope to teach and live these wise words when it comes to material things in life

Remember this, that very little is needed to make a happy life // Aurelius

Happy playing!!

// Check out Emmett's full nursery tour here //


  1. Great advice :) I love that little vegetable garden crate, SO cute!! Thanks for all the love on my blog :) Can't wait to check out more of yours! xo

  2. That's a great idea putting toys away for a while... I've done that too. After new years I want to sort through our toys and other things once again. I love your idea of spreading toys out and keeping it organized. Love your garden idea :)