A Boys Mama

Last week, a neighbor of ours that didn't know Gideon had been born, came over to see if our baby had arrived and what we had.  When I explained that we had another little boy, I was rather shocked at her lament over the fact that didn't get a girl.

We live in a funny culture where everyone applauds you as the 'perfect family' when you manage to crank out one of each.  And if you happen to have two of one, the only obvious reason to have another is to give it one more shot.  What a funny people we are.

Here's the honest truth though.

I love having three boys in this house and that I get to be the only girl to hold their affection in this season of life.

I love that Emmett now has a brother to do life, so much so that it almost makes me tear up.  I pray that God bonds their hearts to Him and each other so tightly and that they have many exciting years of adventures together.

I love that God saw fit to give us two little men to raise and send out into the world.  This broken place needs more servant leaders who love and reflect Jesus to everyone they meet.

I love that they have such an insanely wonderful, grace-filled, adoring man for their dad.  Jesus, let them watch and learn and someday love their families just as well.

I love that we get to do loud and messy and mud and adventure and testosterone for the next 18 years, no matter how many times my patience will be tested.
Now of course we hope -- Adam most especially -- that someday God has plans for a little redheaded mini me to join the family.  Or maybe we have a little girl that is meant to be part of our family from somewhere here in our state or China or some other corner of the world.  Or maybe just maybe we end up with one glorious houseful of boys.  Right now we just don't know. . . 

But if we happen to be 'the boy family', please don't pity us.  Because when I think of what a treasure my sweet husband is to me, I can't help but be so incredibly grateful for the mama that raised him into the man that he is.  She blesses me everyday through the love and life she poured out as a boys mama and I feel humbled and honored that I can hopefully do the same.


  1. I'll just say an AMEN to being a boy mom. I'd be terrified if a girl came into our home! I wouldn't know how to act around her!

  2. You nailed it. We'd like to add to our family and I'm actually a little nervous to have a girl after having two energetic messy boys. Ha! Their sweet kisses are the best. Also, my husband is the second of six BOYS. He has an incredible mom and I'm so thankful she raised him into the man I cherish today. She says she has the better end of the deal: She now gets to "pick" her daughters as they marry in one by one.

  3. You will do wonderfully! All boys sounds fun. :)

  4. So very true. We are a funny people to want one more than the other. Its a want not a need. We are blessed with what we do have.

  5. SO GOOD! I have a girl and we are expecting another one. The comments go both ways as you said. I don't like when people ask: What do you want a boy or a girl? Truthfully I really DO NOT CARE. I want a healthy child that I will love EVEN if he/she is not healthy. The other issue is this generalization of what "boys" like versus what "girls" like. My daughter LOVES pink, but she can name every Marvel superhero and villain too! I do not think any of us are missing out on anything.... Great post!

  6. yes... a funny culture. You are doing just beautifully! Nice to "meet you" via Casey's link up!

  7. <3 this! It is such a blessing to watch little boys grow..