Christmas Around The House

I love Christmas decorating.  So much so that it usually stays up until well into March.  haha! Though I won't admit if it's because of pure love of all things greenery or plain old laziness.  No further comment.

In the meantime, here's how Christmas is spreading it's beauty around our house this month.
- - - 
^^ Christmas pictures just aren't the same with dead grass instead of snow. . . though I won't complain about the few nice days we've had this week.   Also, I'm still so in love with our happy front door.  It just seems to go with every season's decor. ^^
 ^^ Our Christmas cards of perfection from Tiny Prints.  Seriously -- their stuff is just a dream.  Even the shipping box is adorable.   ^^
 ^^ I feel like a little kid because of how excited I am about our new return address stamp.  Our looks like this and now all I want to do is going around our house and stamp our name, address and pretty vines all over everything. ^^
^^ Prep for the Christmas event that I'm hosting on Friday night.  Can.not.wait. ! ^^ 
 ^^ Us mantel-less people have to get creative this time of year. haha ^^
 ^^ Emmett is having so much fun with our simple advent activities. . . he wants to open all the packages right now. Christmas morning is going to be so much fun!! ^^
 ^^ Just a little bit of the world's cheapest, most flimsy garland to bring a little holiday cheer to the little guy's room. ^^
 ^^ I'm all about the blurry night lights ^^
^^ As I was saying . . . ^^
- - - 
If you want to see some real, honest-to-goodness simple Christmas decor that will make you want to quit the junk you do for good -- name that movie reference -- you have to check out Shannon's awesome recap here.   She's seriously got it goin' on.


  1. love this. and DUDE I want one of your Christmas cards!! #hearteyesemoji

  2. LOVE those christmas card ornaments - cutest I've ever seen!!
    Also I waited to long to buy a Xmas garland from your shop - any chance you can make me one sometime?? Similar to the burlap triangle style one I got in my parcel post package this fall?? really anytime since I will use it next year :) :)

  3. Hi Nicole! I found your beautiful blog after pinning away half of your Pinterest boards. I spent much of my evening last night reading through your recent posts and... I am so very happy that I've found you. :)

    I've also connected with you on Instagram & Twitter. I can't wait to learn more about you & your beautiful family.

    Dena @ livelovesimple.com

  4. I love all your simple and beautiful Christmas decorations. Your house is so lovely and filled with joy!