Guest Bedroom // A Room Tour

 Anyone who has ever spent the night at our house on an air mattress or the couch, will be happy to know that we now have an official guest room. YAY!!

This room was one of my last projects before Gideon was born and as simple as it is, I couldn't love it more.  I have really been craving light gray and white walls lately, but in this room I wanted something a bit different.  So on a whim of the wind -- just before heading to the store for the paint -- I decided to try painting one wall black.  Surprisingly it brought together the existing black chandelier and the dark carpet that I really can't stand but don't have time or resources to replace, so it really was a win for the win!!
All these house projects this year have reminded me that old houses are a well-balanced lesson in diligence and contentment.  Diligence to plug away at the work when one thing leads to another and frankly you are exhausted.  Yet contentment in realizing that everything will not be perfect at once.  Money and time only go so far, so until then I will be grateful for the process and our place in the journey.
^^ You will notice our awesome curtain-door that will remain there until we can figure out something else.  I guess you can't fight every battle at once. haha ^^

// Source List //

Bed frame // thrifted
Bedding // wedding gift from Target
Sheer Curtains // Target
White Curtain over doorway // WalMart from several years ago

Black Wall // Gargoyle from Ace
Grey Walls // Modern Gray from Ace 

Desk Lamp // Target // similar here
Bed Lamp // thrifted
Trunk // thrifted
Desk & Chair // gifted & thrifted
White Photo Frame // Ikea 
Home Print // Etsy 
Burlap Photo Board // DIY
White Table // thrifted with an Anthropology knob


  1. I just love your style. Every time I see pictures of your home I want to walk right inside and have a cup of coffee with you! It is beautiful and inviting. I LOVE the black accent wall - you pulled the whole room together so well!

  2. Love this room!! Abdb those colors are gorgeous! Yay for a new guest room.

  3. Way to go! You are so inspiring with your nesting projects. I may have to start on some of those someday!