Our Christmas

This Christmas was special for so many reasons.  Not the least of which was watching Emmett really get excited about opening his presents for the first time ever, having Adam's wonderful parents here and seeing God bring healing to some relationships.  My heart is really, really thankful.

We spent Christmas Eve finishing all our last minutes projects and gifts.  Then it was off to church for what turned out to be a not-so-candlelit-service.  Perks of a large church, I guess . . haha!  There was lots of bright blue glow of shiny Christmas trees though and Emmett and Gideon looked like happy little Christmas cranberries in their sweaters from Mimi.
Then it was off to my parents house for our snacks and presents.  I can't even tell you how fun it is to be part of a big, raucous family during the holidays.  There's always laughter and happy noise going on.  I honestly wouldn't want it any other way.

Emmett was just a doll opening all his presents.  When he got a mini, real hammer from his Aunt B, I about died when he saw it and started doing a happy dance in the middle of the living room.  Tapping into what makes these little people joyful is probably one of the greatest pleasures of being a parent.
^^ a little christmas baby in the emergency room with ear problems and a bad rash on christmas eve.  ^^
Christmas Day was simple and sweet.  We got the boys this little circus train, some thrifted books, a few wooden farm animals and I made this felt garden set.  We spent the morning playing toys and just being together.  The rest of the day we hung out with my family again, opening the handmade stockings from my mama and of course eating eating eating.  I even got an afternoon cuddle nap with Gideon.
Like I shared last week, our Christmas was perfect and yet full of regular life moments just like any other day of the year.  But it's our life.  Our wonderful, messy, honest-to-goodness real life and I'm so grateful for it.

What was your favorite part of your Christmas?!  And can you believe that now we're off to celebrate New Years!  Ahhhh!!  2015 we are ready for you!!

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  1. You are stunning! I hope that little one of yours is feeling better.

  2. that baby of yours is irresistible! just wanna give him a kissy! what a great christmas, you look incredible!

  3. Oh! I love how faithful the Lord is! This Christmas looks absolutely lovely and I am always encouraged by your spirit of thankfulness!