Our Simple 12 Day Christmas Advent

Sometimes I feel silly doing all the traditions for holidays and birthdays when our babies are still quite literally babies.  I mean... will they even remember?!?!  Then again to me, traditions are part of what make a family a family, so that's why I like to start things before they will remember so that's all they will remember.

Then again, I know my limitations and I don't have the mental capacity or time to go all out in this season of life.  Take Christmas Advent for example.  Did I even make plans this year?!  Ha! I actually forgot about it until the social media world blew up with all kinds of awesome advent ideas at the beginning of December.

I really wanted to do something special with Christmas Advent for Emmett, but I definitely needed something on a simpler scale.  Hence our 12 Day Advent that we will be starting on Friday.  I love that we can modify traditions to work for our family and schedule AND still make special memories with our little people.
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I wanted have all our advent activities be a combination of creative activities, memory making,  outreach to our community and of course remember the beautiful reality of Jesus coming to live among us.  Each day, I will have a little gift for Emmett to open up that corresponds with that day's activity.  This is all new to me so we'll see how it actually turns out. 

Here's what our 12 Day Advent is going to look like.  

// Make & Take Christmas Cookies to the local fire station
// Make a finger paint snowmen ornament
// Watch a Christmas movie and eat popcorn together as a family
// Make a Christmas package for the mailman
// Make pinecone elf ornaments
// Make & take Christmas cards to my great aunt's nursing home
// Assemble & mail Christmas cards
// Cut out and hang paper snowflakes
// Make fluffy snowman poster
// Attend local live animal Christmas play
// Candy-cane-bomb a parking lot
// Set up nativity set & read a Christmas book

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And now for a little bit of Advent calendar inspiration, I have compiled 12 different advent calendar ideas.  They range from simple gifts wrapped and decorated with washi tape all the way to an intense mini paper city. Ten gold stars for anyone who tries that!! haha.  Ours will most likely be something along the lines of numbers 1 or 6.  But more on that later. . . I'm still finishing the prep.
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 
7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 //

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Do you and your family do anything for Christmas Advent?! If so, what are your favorite activities, books or presents to include?!  I can't believe Christmas is only 14 days away!!

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