The Adventures of Bug & Boo

If I ever were going to write a kids book, I would write about the adventure of two brothers and it would be called The Adventures of Bug and Boo.

I'm all about the nicknames for my favorite people in this world and somehow I started calling Emmett Bug and it's stuck.  Poor Gideon.  No one wants to be nicknamed Boo.  Especially when you put them together and it means this.  haha I should probably leave the kids' book writing to the experts.

Seriously though.  I am in awe of the fledgling little brotherhood that started six weeks ago between these two.  I spent many prayers during this pregnancy that Emmett's transition would be smooth.  I prayed that he would feel safe and secure in our love for him and in his place in our family.  God continues to blow me away with His answers to those prayers.  It's been such a beautiful reminder to me that God cares about these little things in our life.  From day one, there has been so much love between these two little guys.  

Emmett is constantly wanting to cuddle Gideon in his bed, hold both his hands at the same time and share all his stuff with him.  My heart just melts into a massive puddle of mush when I hear Emmett smacking out the biggest kisses on Gideon's little head.  And of course I laugh when the kisses turn into licks. Boys!! haha 
Seeing God's direct answer to all my prayers this year for Emmett's transition, my faith is bolstered to pray for their years to come.  I pray that they will love Jesus so much, even in these young years.  I pray that they become the best of friends.  I pray that God will bind their hearts so tightly to each other that nothing can drive them apart.  I pray that together they can wreck havoc on evil in this world, that the Enemy will fear knowing that their hearts are built on a solid foundation of truth and grace.  

Most of all, I pray that their gifts and passions can be a glorious light shining stronger as they grow into strong men of God.
^^ little bro life is awesome! haha ^^
Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.  Let all that you do be done in love.
// 1 Corinthians 16: 13, 14 //

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