The Village Gathering // Recap

I was so blessed by the first Village Gathering that I hosted in our home on Friday night.  You can read about how it started here.  The idea is a simple one.  Bring women together so that we can encourage and inspire one another on to love and good works.  

The eight women that were a part of the event were from all from different places in life.  One friend is getting ready to head off to share the Gospel in India for several years.  Others were from just blocks away.  There were single girls, home school moms, moms with babies, moms with kids in public school, small business owners, all of us with a love for Jesus and a desire for our lives to be a blessing.  I love that there were so many little communities represented in our home that night, all of us with our own unique circles of influence that God us in to love and serve.  Sometimes it's so easy to forget that our community, our circles of influence needs us to live out Jesus Christ to them.  The busy-ness and self-centered life that is so easy to fall into makes the needs around us disappear.  My prayer is that through these simple events, our hearts can grow in a vision and passion to live the Gospel everyday.  

Here are a few quick Iphone pictures that I captured from our time together.
- - - 
^^  preparing all the goodies for the Christmas packages that we assembled to give away to those in our community ^^ 
^^ contents from the swag gift bags I put together for each women.  lavender body scrub, christmas dish towel & fun headbands! ^^
 ^^ I so wish I would have taken pictures of the gorgeous gift bags these girls created. it was a beautiful mess of washi tape, bakers twine and brown paper bags.  all my favorite things!! ^^
^^ my favorite part of the whole night was beautiful worship in the soft light of the Christmas tree.  it was like a little glimpse into heaven. ^^
^^ my friend and I were pregnant with our little guys at the same time -- due only one day apart.  then we had them both within five days of each other.  I can't even tell you how grateful I that God made friendships and community for us to enjoy.  what a special gift. ^^

- - - 
A little clip from my favorite time of the night:

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