1 Hour Bread or Rolls

Over the last couple years, I have been slowly switching our foods over to healthier options.  Quinoa in place of rice and pasta, blocks of cheese instead of preshredded bags and honey over white sugar.  Earlier this spring, I decided to start buying homemade bread from a local Amish bakery because I knew it was so fresh and wouldn't have all the preservatives.  Long story short, this fall I decided to search for a simple recipe to try making my own.  That's when I found this incredibly simple recipe and it costs a literal fraction of what I was paying for the Amish bread.

I know that as a general rule, gluten isn't great for our bodies.  But when I really need a grilled cheese sandwich or dinner rolls for our favorite turkey burgers, I love making this bread and knowing exactly what is going into our bodies.  Plus there is very little that smells more cozy than fresh bread out of the oven.   And it's a really easy way to make your husband think you are superwoman. haha.  
1 Hour Soft Rolls or Bread
// makes 1 loaf or 12 rolls //

1 c warm water
1 T honey
1 T coconut oil // or oil of your choice //
1 t sea salt
1 T yeast
2 1/3+ c flour

Heat water and mix with yeast and honey.  Allow to rest for five minutes and then stir in melted coconut oil, salt and 1 cup of flour.  Combine with remaining flour.  You may need to add a little extra until it has an elastic texture that isn't too sticky.  Cover in a mixing bowl and rest for 10 minutes.  Divide into 12 rolls, place in a greased round pan and allow it to rise for 20 minutes.  If you are making a loaf of bread, place in a greased loaf pan and allow it to rise for 20-60 minutes until it is 1-2 inches above the pan.  Bake rolls in a 350 degree oven for 15 minutes or until golden brown.  Bake the loaf of bread for 20 minutes .  Cool on a baking rack or just enjoy eating it right away.

- - -
PS. This recipe doubles and triples very easily.  If I do that, I usually use my Bosch mixer instead of making it by hand.


  1. Sounds yummy! Just a note...I know sea salt is really trendy right now but it doesn't have the amount of iodine that table salt has, which we actually need. So I usually just use sea salt or coarse salt for things that require that kind of texture or garnish. Does this recipe need it to be sea salt or would table salt make no difference?

  2. I just made this for our lunch! It was very yummy - thank you for sharing! :)