52 Things I've Always Wanted To Do


We rang it in --- sleeping I think?!  Though Gideon and I were up to see the first 2:00AM of 2015, sooooo that's pretty awesome. haha  It was actually quite funny because I posted this photo on Instagram yesterday afternoon and I had to laugh at how many other people were 'celebrating' like us.  #grannystatus

Anyway onto my New Year's resolutions and how I am going to radically change my life this year!!  I'm kidding.  Honestly, I am so over cliche resolutions.   We all know that I am going to keep trying to eat healthy and miserably fail when Adam suggests an evening snack of popcorn and mnms.  We all know that I want to exercise more, loose the baby weight, be nicer, read more, love Jesus deeper, et cetera et cetera et cetera.  This is the story of my life on January 1 and March 14 and October 23.  As a human, I am such a slow work in progress.
What I do love about January 1st, is the chance to take stock of where I am and where I want to go.  There are so many things in life I would love to accomplish, little and big.  But I know that all the Pinterest boards and goal lists and cute planners in the world won't make me just go and do them.

So that's why I'm starting my '52 Things Project'.  I have picked out 52 things I've been thinking about doing/making/visiting/buying/reading.  I broke this list into 12 smaller lists, one for each month.  Breaking it down even further, my goal is to accomplish one thing each week.  Some of them are really simple and will only take an afternoon to complete.  Others will take preplanning and may leak over in to subsequent weeks.  At the end of the year, I ultimately hope to look back and see that I ate the elephant one bite at a time.  That in 2015, I accomplished 52(ish) things I've always wanted to do.

This list is inspired in part by an old goal list of 101 in 1001 and of course the holy grail of inspiration, Pinterest.
- - - 

January //
 start gideon's journal
 start a calendar journal
 sew knotted sleeper for gideon
 start 2014 happy jar
 paint wall art for bedroom

February //
 hang an indoor swing
 create valentines advent for emmett & adam
 make homemade vanilla
 restock etsy shop

March //
 build a mini chicken coop
 birthday party for emmett
 make spring pom pom garland
 plan ikea trip with friends
 macrame hanging planters

April //
 give emmett 3 pet chickens for easter
 hang a clothes line
 make farmer's market produce bag 
 host 'the village gathering - a spring event'

May //
 start a youtube channel
 plant small herb garden
 plant simple garden
 buy sipsnap lids for emmett
 paint and set up back porch

June //
 surprise road trip for adam
 start a paper swag/happy mail club
 write 5 letters to people who have changed my life
 build bench for bedroom

July //
 organize pantry with glass jars
 print chat books
 run a 5 k
 read 'anti 9-5 guide'

August //
 send flowers to our moms just because
 read 'boys adrift'
 complete kitchen cupboard remodel
 make silhouette prints of babies

September //
 dry herbs for fall/winter
 visit the omaha zoo
 sew a simple patchwork quilt
 make fingerprint necklace

October //
 start granny square quilt
 carve pumpkins
 send out Christmas boxes to overseas missionary friends
 creative halloween costumes for babies
 host a chili bar supper

November //
 sew new stockings for the family
 birthday party for gideon
 read '168 Hours: you have more time than you think'
 sew christmas tree skirt

December //
 host a Christmas cookie exchange
 host a fancy dessert christmas party
 decorate gingerbread houses
 build cardboard house for emmett
- - -
^^ these three inspire me so so much.  everyday i am more and more grateful that i get to do life with them!! ^^

- - - 
What do you hope to accomplish in 2015?! I'd love to hear all about it.  
Also do you want a blast from new year's past?! You can also check out my Non Goals of 2013 and my words for 2012.  


  1. I love this idea for a list of goals! I have a 101 in 1001 list too and I've loved keeping track of the things I have accomplished each year and what I look forward to the in coming months!

  2. Love this list so much!!! You know what you need to add to it?? Joining the golden VLOG series! I would love to see and hear you! :)

  3. I love how you broke everything down month to month! You are so ambitious and organized!

  4. I love this idea so much, and I feel absolutely inspired to create one for myself! I love the idea of breaking goals down into months, instead of one big whopping year. Genius.
    Also, I came across your blog via Janene (through IG)...your last posting with fashion ideas is so fun too! I'm sure I'll be back for more browsing. :)

  5. Sweet idea! Great goals but a break down that lets you do it a week at a time. Good luck on the journey and enjoy the memories this adventure will bring!

  6. What a great idea. and I love your list

  7. I love this idea, thanks for sharing! I always find that my dream to be at home with my babies keeps me from lists like this, because my full time job gets on the way constantly. But this? I think it's even reasonable for a work-outside-of-the-home mom. Thank you!

  8. This is a really super awesome idea. Your goals are so unique and inspiring.

    Something about January just gets everyone so motivated! I started making goals like crazy and I've never really done that before. Haha. :)

  9. This is such a good idea! It's like a week into 2015 and I am still staring at my 'new year' post unable to put what's in my head, down in words. PS love your #grannystatus

  10. What a fabulous idea! It's so satisfying to check things off of a list, and this system is definitely more realistic than traditional "big" resolutions. Go you!

  11. Okay, you seriously have the cutest family ever. Also I love your list, such great things to do :) My favorite part of this post is honestly where you said "As a human, I am a slow work in progress." That's kind of my motto to live by. It keeps me from letting my perfectionist-ism (totally not the right word) doesn't get in the way of enjoying life.

    Love this post!

  12. you are so sweet. and yes! i get hung up with perfection WAY too often.