In My Bag

Am I the only nosey person in the world that loves seeing what other girls carry around in their purse?!  It's always a bit of a treasure trove of random beauty supplies, old receipts and purse dirt.  How does that stuff accumulate anyway?!

We recently switched over the babies diaper bag stuff to this super cute backpack.  I love it because now I don't have to carry 17 diapers and a jumbo pack of baby wipes in my own bag.  So just for kicks and giggles, on the off chance that you have the same weird curiosities as I, here's a little peek into my bag I carry every day.
- - - 
1// My notes journal and calendar.  These two things literally keep my life in order.  It's a guarentee that I'll forget appointments if they aren't written down, so this is my life-vest.

2// Hashtagboymom!!

3// Hand written cards are such favorites that I hate to throw any away.

4// I have the worst luck with keeping sunglasses around.  Except when it comes to the cheapest ones I couldn't care less about.  Naturally. haha

5// Wrinkle releaser that can double as clothing freshener or de-static spray in a pinch.

6// The cutest little mouse pouch from my best friend that says "Barely Squeaking By".

7// Panera gift card from my Christmas stocking! Date night!!

8// Old receipts. . . as I was saying.

9// Some awesome face and nose wipes from the big box of baby stuff that Dr Brown's Baby sent us last month!

10// Movie stubs and a doctor's appointment reminder card that I almost forgot which incidentally wasn't in the planner.  Refer to #1. . .

11// These crayons have helped me in many a cranky spot with Emmett.  Let it be written that no mom should travel without her master tools of distraction!

12// Candy and a pacifer. . . just incase #11 falls through.

13// Grocery list notebook

14// My goal is to carry at least one diaper for each boy and a few wipes in case we get in a bind.  I'm obviously failing at the extra diapers bit.

15// Pens because they always are disappearing on their own

16// A wallet with way too many rewards cards and far too little money in it

17// Two words.  Iowa winters.

18// A tiny little hand painted sunshine rock from my youngest sister that I always carry in my purse because it just makes me happy.
And because I'm that awesome mom that is always applying her 3 minute makeup on the way to wherever we are headed, here's what's in the beauty pouch of my purse.

1// My favorite VS body spray is almost like a shower in the a bottle.  Perfect for moms everywhere!

2// Lip stuff -- one that I always use and the other I like to think I would use.

3// Because I'm lazy. . . the only two makeup brushes I ever use.

4// Best face primer ever!!

5// Some hand creme that I never use. . . and I keep it why?!  It has pretty vintage packaging.

6// For these green eyes

7// Also not sure why I still have this nasty little brush bag.  . 

8// The mini bottle of sunscreen from the zoo gift shop last spring after we forgot ours.  I keep this on principle because each drop cost us at least $2.

9// Lace headband for an instant hair-pick-me-up.

10// More hair helpers

11// I use this eye makeup for total face makeup.  Somebody send help. haha

12// Hand sanitizer, courtesy of the flower fields

13// Liquid foundation -- definitely not as awesome as the commercials made it seem.
- - - 

Now you have to share what's the most awesome thing in your purse?!  You know how I'm curious about this kind of thing. . .


  1. Hahaha, I loved your commentary so much! I might have to post one of these... But seriously, where was the purse dirt?? ☺️

  2. My bag always has my composition notebook for all my lists and notes + CHAPSTICK (can't survive without) + hand lotion + nail clippers (worst thing ever to be out and about with a chipped nail) + dark chocolate + hair ties. Once our little one comes, this list will obviously double or triple in size. :)

  3. i'm totally that girl stuck with a chipped nail and no clippers. hence this is super smart. ;)

  4. it's off camera. . . considering the quantity it's quite embarrassed if it's self. haha.