I am quite jealous of nap times in my life right now. . .

It all started when I was pregnant with Gideon this summer.  Emmett was just coming out of a really bad napping season of his life.  It felt like everyday was a struggle.  So, as a way to survive the first trimester woes, I brought Emmett into our bed for a 'cozy nap' every afternoon.

Suddenly our nap-time nightmares turned into the most glorious 2-3 hour rest times everyday
Lunch would be finished, we would find his Taggy Puppy and pacy and then get all cozy in our bed.  I cannot even tell you how many precious moments I have locked away in my heart of these long, summer afternoons.  We would read his favorite book, Pout Pout Fish and then I would sing him the special bedtime song that Adam always sings him at night.  I would stroke his soft blonde hair and watch those blue eyes, blink. . blink. . . .  blink.  His body suddenly relaxes as he gives in so sleep.

Watching this sweet baby of mine drift off to sleep will probably be some of my favorite memories forever as we would cuddle and nap away the afternoon.

Even now, when it gets close to noon and I can see Emmett getting sleepy, I only have to ask if he wants to go get cozy.  Usually he starts giggling and as soon as I plop him on our big bed, he snuggles down.  If the stars align with the little buddy sleeping as well, Emmet and I still get our cozy naps together several afternoons each week.

Somedays I get up so I can get projects done around the house, but lately I've been trying to take advantage of these slow afternoons with this little guy that is growing right before my eyes.  Because one day we'll wake up and everything will be different.  And that will be the day I will be so thankful I slowed down for nap time.


  1. Oh the sweetness of this. I napped with my son for months on end (because he had a hard time napping on his own). I got a lot of judgement from other moms who insisted I was building really bad habits, but I just felt sorry for them. I CHERISHED those sweet naps with my darling boy. And he eventually learned to nap on his own. Now I have another little babe so napping isn't even an option for me (I so understand the jealousy thing), but I was just telling my husband today that one Saturday, when I feel like I've gotten all of my work done, I would love to just cuddle up and take a nap with my little boy again.

  2. The little boy I nanny loves the pout pout fish! It's a cute story but I find it funny how popular it is :) enjoy reading your blog!! Your little babies are the most precious ever!

  3. So sweet! I wish my girl would snuggle down for naps!! Are the boys napping at the same time?

  4. yes! i think everyone is really in such a different place and you have to do what's best for you and your family. also i'm going to email you back this afternoon!! xo

  5. thanks dear! it's always encouraging to hear that. also did you know there are other pout pout fish books?! those will probably go on a list of birthday gift ideas for emmett in march. ;)


  6. when all the stars align -- YES!! i sometimes try to keep emmett up until gideon is ready to go down so that i can either nap or get stuff done. i hope they keep this up for a long time. ;)

  7. What a wonderful perspective you have! I need to slow down to appreciate the lazy afternoons, too! For more than just an opportunity to get things done in peace!

    Sue from Sue's News