Our Bedroom // A Tour

Besides Emmett's nursery, Adam's and my bedroom is my favorite room in our entire house!!  For those who have been reading this blog since the beginning, do you remember how cringe-worthy this room used to be?!  It's almost unrecognizable now in the best way possible!!
This room makeover is courtesy of Nesting 2.0.  haha!  And like most huge projects in our house have started, one day when I couldn't take the nasty carpet and the puke-colored walls for one more second, I just started tearing stuff out.  Then came the apology phone call to Adam and the push to finish the room before baby would arrive.  I honestly accomplish more when I'm nesting and pregnant than any other time in my life.  It's one of my favorite parts of pregnancy!  I'm not sure if this categorizes me as ambiteous or just lazy during the rest of my life.  Most likely the later. . . 

There is still so much that should be fixed in this room.  The floor is hopelessly imperfect, the windows should really be cleaned and our bedspread is covered in dried baby spit-up.  I am also hoping to paint a simple canvas for one of the walls, build a long bench for one of the walls and this is my dream plant to have near the windows.  

But honestly, this bright, happy spot is such a refuge for Adam and I.  Every couple needs a beautiful, peaceful spot for spending time together.  We keep this space free of toys and clutter because that's what the rest of our house and life are for.  I loving hanging out and resting here after our long days.  I love having a cozy sunny spot for afternoon naps with my babies.  But most of all, I love how it feels like -- in the words of a friend -- you are in a cloud when you are in this room.  haha! isn't that the greatest?! 
^^ all the mom necessities. . . books, diapers, and oils organized in one cute wire basket to keep my eyes happy! ^^
 ^^ we are currently room-sharing with Gideon until he is consistently sleeping through the night.  than it's off to the nursery with brother!! ^^
^^ you guys.  my dream industrial closet!!  when my insanely talented father-in-law comes to town, stuff happens around here! ^^
// Source List //

Down Comforters // wedding gifts, but I believe one if from Target and another from Aldi
Blue bird pillow // also a wedding gift from Target
Curtains // Ikea 
Sheepskin rug // Ikea

Dresser // thrifted
Baby cradle // thrifted
Laundry basket // Target 
Window frame over the bed // thrifted
Bedside basket // Hobby Lobby
- - - 
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  1. I'm moving in tomorrow. You don't mind sharing the bed, right? ;) But seriously. ALL THAT NATURAL LIGHT!!! #imdying

  2. I love how white your room is, it makes it so much brighter!!!!

  3. I love the curtains! And all of the feelings your room evokes, so sweet!

  4. I love this! I dream of space that's white and airy and not cluttered. We're hoping for a big room change and makeover I the coming year, so will be looking to this for inspiration!


  5. i'm sure it will be lovely! be sure to let me know when you do because i would love to see photos! xo

  6. i was super excited when i found them for so cheap at ikea last summer!! xo

  7. i have become so addicted to white spaces recently. do you have any white rooms in your house?!

  8. I do!! Our bedroom is white as well, but I also love the very soft yellows and creams so it's a mixture of more softer whites!! Making your place cozy has to be a priority. ha!

  9. i actually love yellow and grey together! those were out wedding colors so maybe that's why. ;) we do actually have a yellow and white striped bathroom so that's my big pop of happiness!!

  10. I LOVE your bedroom! How do you keep it so clean?! It looks amazing!

  11. it's not always this clean but i try really hard to keep it this way because i love how peaceful it feels. my life needs a little peace somewhere. ;)

  12. Now I want those curtains... and, your industrial closet. My husband thanks you. ;)

  13. HAHA! this was me during pregnancy. my poor husband with his crazy insane project wife. ;) that is probably the main reason he was happy the baby arrived so early. kidding not kidding. ;)