Our Favorite Inside Toys For Winter

I have discovered that it is very challenging to get a newborn and a toddler bundled up and out the door when Old Man Winter is breathing down our chilly little necks.  Not impossible, just difficult.

Because of this, we have spent most of our days this January safe and cozied up inside.  This means I have to be extra intentional about taking time to engage with Emmett and keep him busy with lots of creative play.

I thought it would be fun to share a few of our favorite books and toys that are out all day in our house.  Hopefully you can discover a few new things to help you and your little ones finish out the winter strong!
Janod Story Box Circus //  Emmett's cousins gave this to him for Christmas and I cannot sing the praises of Janod's toys enough!!  The painted details, the little clowns, the tiny fire hoop for the tiger to jump through?!  We play circus at least once a day and I am already counting down the days until his birthday so we can give him some of the other sets they offer.

Janod Circus Train // This is the other Janod set that Emmett got for Christmas.  Again, I cannot tell you how much we adore the details and little pieces.  Let's be honest, I probably love it more than the boys ever will and I'm really okay with that.  Now excuse me while I go back to playing circus. . .

^^ i mean seriously . . . i can't even!! ^^

Melissa & Doug Wooden Tool Set // Emmett's obsession in life the last six months has been 'building stuff' and tools.  My mom actually bought this set for him long before he was really playing with toys but it gets used all the time now.  These and his mini real life tools that my dad and sister gave him for Christmas this year are always building something.

Melissa & Doug Vehicles Reusable Sticker Pad
 // My best friend gave this reusable sticker book to Emmett when we were visiting California last summer and for some reason, it's my go-to item when he's about to melt down during the day.  All I have to say is, Buddy, do you want to play with your truck stickers?? and suddenly all is right in the world again.
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? // I actually bought this book for super cheap at a thrift store and we gave it to Emmett for Christmas.  Just in the last two weeks, it's become his favorite go-to book.  I love it because we get to practice colors and animals and watching him point them out is so adorable!!

Richard Scarry's Cars and Trucks from A to Z
// Another current favorite of Emmett's.  Who doesn't love Banana Cars and Ice Cream trucks with spilled ice cream and a Zipper Car?!

Washable Watercolors // It's been so fun to see Emmett get excited about arts and crafts and this simple paint set is no exception.  In less than a month, we are almost completely through his tray of colors.  I think every little color tray is a murky gray from all the cross-paint-brushing, but hey! It's abstract art, you guys.

Bathtub Crayons
// You know that winter is getting long when you put your little guy in bathtub for a little water recreation in the middle of the day.  He just loves coloring all over the bathtub walls with these crayons and it's seriously adorable because he tries to wash it off when he's finish.  Such a tidy kid, this one!!

What toys and activities have kept you afloat this winter?!

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  1. I've never tried bathroom crayons, I was a bit nervous they wouldn't really come off. Do they wash off easily? Oh my brown bear brown bear, I must read this book at least twenty times a day, my littlest calls it pookie and too does about the house yelling pookie at us til we read it again. My big three have it memorized and just chant it to her. Love the little toy sets those are great, enjoy the coziness!


  2. We are also really into watercolors this winter, AND the tool set. I recently broke out a Play-Doh set we got for Christmas and that has been on steady rotation since. My little boy is crazy about it. I love it because it allows me to get something done or nurse, and I also enjoy playing with it. I totally find that I buy toys I enjoy as well. Last but not least, Duplo legos. We build and crush cities almost daily. Great post!

  3. All things washable are a go in my house! :P

  4. LOVE that sticker pad!!! Liam would go crazy over that!

  5. Brown bear has been a favorite for a while, I don't even need the book to recite it with her lol. And she adores the reusable stickers! I didn't see the trucks one but we've got the animal scenes (farm, jungle, ocean etc) and she loves the animals. How do you find the washable crayons for the bath? I've had parents tell me they don't wash off tub surfaces easily.

  6. i'm sure emmett would adore animal stickers. . . maybe another thing to add to a birthday list. ;) i use magic easers and the crayons come right off!! those things definitely live up to their name!! haha.

  7. `it's definitely a favorite. . . picking up stickers all over the house is also my favorite. haha!! ;)

  8. if you get them, purchase some magic erasers also! they literally live up to their name and take of the crayons like nobodies business!

    and seriously that story about brown bear?! seriously TOO cute!!

  9. i really need to make playdough with emmett! he would love it. . . and probably eat way too much. haha!!

  10. Ummm, seriously!?
    How have I never heard of Janod.
    I am just about to order a cart full of amazon goodies, and either the big top, or the wild, wild west is making its way into our home! Thank you so much for the suggestions!

  11. i think i literally have a crush on janod!! ;) i literally think i will gift all the sets to myself for valentines day. haha!!

    happy playing!!

  12. This list gave me so many good ideas for Christmas/birthdays!

  13. i know. . . i love shopping for creative, beautiful toys. too bad money doesn't grow on trees. ;)