Rally To The Fight

Adam and I had our first date, sans babies after church today!!  Gideon is eight weeks and it's the first time we've been out alone. . . though I'd wager to say it's been even longer than that.

Can I be really really honest right now?!  I felt so unsure as we drove away to spend the afternoon together.  Not because I wasn't excited to put my baby-juggling skills on hold for a few hours and not because I didn't trust my sisters.

I don't know. . . we've just been so focused lately on work and bills and trying to get decent sleep at night that I think I forgot how to date my sweet husband.  My brain was on overdrive.

Will they be safe driving home on the snowy roads?  
Did I really leave that bottle of freshly pumped milk on my bedroom floor this morning?!  
Will Gideon be missing me after four hours?!?

I was actually fighting back tears, praying I could let go and just have a good time with this guy that I adore so much.
Life has this way of wiggling it's way into the relationships we value the most.  Regular routines, messes houses, holiday events, long work weeks, little frustrations that slowly wear us down.  They all work day after day, slowly but surely in their own quiet way to pull apart the bonds of love, commitment and togetherness.

I was reminded this afternoon that all the relationships that enrich our hearts and lives take active, conscious work to stay strong.  It's not just marriage either.  It's our girlfriends that lift our spirits on the worst days, our parents that gave so much.  Sisters, children, mentors.  All these bonds don't make it on their own.    
Deep meaningful community happens when we push through the messiness of life and truly cling to one another.  It takes lunch dates and phone calls, a listening ear and a gracious heart.  It takes understanding when hurt runs rampant and encouraging texts at random.  Because relationships are the marrow of life.  They ground us and build us up.

So let's rally together to the fight.  The fight for strong relationships and the little taste of heaven that they are.
PS. I actually had a really fun time this afternoon and the two-handed lunch was pretty bomb.com . . . as were the baby cuddles when we got home.   Happy Monday to you all! xo


  1. I'm so glad you were able to enjoy the present moment! Yay, you rock :] xo

  2. Oh hello GAP! I am glad you had a fun and intentional date!

  3. Loved this!! And I know exactly what you mean about working on all the relationships in our lives. So much work but totally worth it! :)