Safe, Cozy Sleeping

On of my favorite things about building community both online and in real life is the chance to share the things that have been helpful for our family and homes.  Things like this great resource for homemade natural cleaning products, this way to shrink and display your kids' artwork or these thoughts on the benefits of less screen time for toddlers.  Sharing the things we love is such natural part of life and I love being able to carry that over to this space.
That's why I'm really excited to share about the softest, warmest and safest sleep sack that we recently received from Merino Kids.

You guys. . . we live in the draftiest old house -- and while we love it so much, I can't say we love the breezes sneaking through the old windows. I kind of gave up trying to keep it cozy and warm in the winter because our heating bill was slaying us.  We just dress warm and try to stay active or under lots of blankets.  So when Merino Kids offered to send us one of their sleep sacks to try out, I couldn't have been more excited!

I always worried about Emmett and Gideon as little babies.  The last thing a mama wants is her little people cold while they sleep.  That's probably one of the best things I love about this merino wool sleep sack. It does such a great job regulating Gideon's body heat at night.  And while it would be an investment for sure, this particular sack fits 0-2 years so you get lots of safe, warm years of use from it.  You will also see that it has a little opening to fit car or stroller seat straps so you can literally take your baby anywhere and know they will be all toasty warm.  I also have to mention that Merino Kids sleep sacks meet the UK's BSI safety standards for sleep sacks and this means a lot to me as a mama!
Be sure to check out Merino Kids sleep sacks if you are looking for a safe way to keep your babies warm while they sleep.  You can also see their toddler option here.

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Now tell me all the exciting stuff you are doing with your favorite people this weekend!!  I think I'm going to attempt to make this sleek version of a baby gym.  Which basically means I'll buy the wood and end up begging Adam to help me finish it. haha


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  1. this actually looks more terrible than it is, now that i'm looking at it. ;) the scab was an unfortunate scratch from his finger nails and what looks like the bruise is actually just a shadow from his prominent forehead. ;) thanks for asking though. you are so sweet!

  2. I'm sorry but all I could focus on is the bruise and cut on your poor bebes head. May I ask what happened?! Ouch!

  3. What a cute sleep sack! (And its occupant...oh my, no adjectives adequate!) I definitely want to make that play gym too, so let me know how it goes. :)

  4. I love this! I have to pin this information for later!

  5. i happen to agree. ;)

    also i'm so glad i found that pin via your account! we got the two braces chiseled out and they are clamped and glued for the night. hopefully gideon will be happily playing by wednesday! ;) XO

  6. your babies are going to be the cutest!!! ;) xo

  7. Wish I had this a year ago. Ripley is one now, and we use a loose blanket confidently, but I so could've found the sleep sack quite handy in the earlier months. I suppose it will make a great baby shower gift here forward. :)

  8. YES! we love it so so much. it would definitely be a wonderful baby gift.