Taking Stock // 01

I'm not evening going to pretend that I didn't copy this idea from my hilarious and gorgeous friend, Bridget.  Seriously, if you don't read her blog, you are missing out on some of blogland's best stuff.  Plus her adorable new baby's middle name is Emmett. . . what's not to love?!!

So here's a brief stepping back and taking stock of all the good stuff in our life right now.  No matter how tired or broke or busy we may be, we are so so blessed and I hope I never forget it.
- - - 
Making //  Banners and a few other surprises for a Valentine's edition of The Parcel Post Company that will be be available tomorrow!!
Cooking // These practically healthy Almond Butter Blondies for our girls craft night on Wednesday and lots and lots of quinoa.  Not together of course. . . 
Drinking // Water water water because I'm desperately trying to get back to drinking a gallon a day.  Here are some wonderful tips that have helped me from the gorgeous Freckled Fox. 

Pinning // These adorable mini arrows and these vegan peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

Reading // This book to Emmett more times than I can count.  I also just finished this book on parenting and I feel so encouraged to keep pursuing the hearts of our babies.
Wanting: To continue to get more efficient at blog and house work so I can spend more intentional time with the babies.
Looking // At this favorite Instagram feed. 
Playing // Lots of circus with Emmett and way too many episodes of Nashville while I'm up working late at night.
Eating // Not enough green veggies and too many dried mangos from Costco.
Wishing // For a big Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree for our bedroom and some of these plates for Emmett.  
Enjoying // Far too many popcorn and mnm's with Adam late at night while we watch this show.
Loving // Gideon's two dimples right on his smile lines and the way that Emmett says 'yeaaaaaah' to every question he is asked.

Listening // Oceans Radio on Pandora.  And this adorable song by Us The Duo. 
Hoping // To have a date night with Adam this weekend.  Our schedule is way too insane right now.  I miss this boy more than words can explain. . . 
Needing // My car vacuumed out like last week.  My messy-car-stress-levels are at an all time high right now.
Smelling // A strawberry lemonade candle I bought last week to remind me of summer.  And lavender oil. . . give me all the lavender oil!
Feeling //  tired, but grateful.  always so grateful.
Wearing // way too many black leggings and tall lacy socks.
Following // My new favorite blog crush, Almost Makes Perfect, because obviously that's my daily M.O.

Noticing // That I get to easily obssessed with attaining perfection in my work instead of enjoying the simplicity of the process 
Bookmarking // This beautiful post about having more babies
^^ another great thing is that my sister is visiting from mexico this month so that means we get to do awesome things like costco runs and valentines craft nights together!! ^^ 

- - - 
If you were going to answer one of these questions right now, which would it be and what is the answer?!

Don't forget to stop by tomorrow to check out all the Valentines goodies that will be stocked in the shop!

- - - 
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  1. Great post I always love these! I have the same problem since starting a blog, pushing, striving, mildly obsessing all while trying to be a wife and mother and housekeeper and teacher- it's amazing but intense and I'm learning to take it in stride.


  2. You watch nashville??? Did you just start? How far along are you?? Can you tell I'm a tv junkie..that's what I picked out from your post..lol. Had to go check out your blog crush..lol.

  3. haha! yes! my sister got me hooked. . . i am about halfway through the third season. it's my tv show i watch while i'm doing other stuff -- late night projects, dishes, working out, etc. ;)

  4. YES! blogging is a big one that i struggle with. it takes a lot of grace for yourself in the process.

  5. let's see....
    wearing: comfy maxi, leggins, flats (with sparkle), striped top, and scarf. Gotta love warmth and comfort, ha!
    listening: to the bro practice piano
    wanting: to savor my todays

  6. Hey, I wanted to click over to her blog but I didn't see a link?

  7. Also, "Noticing // That I get to easily obsessed with attaining perfection in my work instead of enjoying the simplicity of the process " Me too!

  8. Thanks for sharing! I love that you still read my blog. . . makes me feel connected to you still. Seriously though. Let's plan a craft day when you get home?! XO

  9. haha! where would i be without sweet friends like you. my poor brain must have been having one of those days. here's the link -- i promise. ;)


  10. i realized that i didn't link to my blog crush. some crush-ee i am. haha. here is it:


  11. oh my gosh. THIS blog. as i was saying. . . my brain. AHHH! ;)


  12. HAHAH! I love this. I'll check out both!

  13. Yes! Sounds like a fabulous idea! We should definitely do it. And yes....I've followed your blog since the beginning, and love it!