Today Is My Favorite In 2015

I just want to start this new year out by saying thank you so so much for each of you who make up this beautiful community on my blog.  Knowing that you read and respond to what I'm sharing, means more than you will ever know.

Getting back into a routine of blogging and creating over the last two months has been such a joy.  I am so excited to be able to share the things that I am learning and loving each day.  Several people have mentioned how they are surprised I am able to blog and create so soon after having a second baby.  Honestly, I love this so much.  It's my hobby so I spend time working on blog projects that I would normally spend catching up on my favorite TV shows or napping or going to bed early.  I won't pretend that I don't ignore the dishes to be here.  But let's be honest, I would probably do that anyway. haha

Moving forward into this new year, I am reminded of the reasons that I started this blog almost four years ago.  If you are new and want to catch up, you can read all about it here.  I am also reminded how grateful I am to have a place to be creative and to build an encouraging community where we can inspire one another on to more love and good works.

I have a lot of stuff that I am super excited to implement in this new year and I thought it would be a good to share a few of those things with those of you who make up this online community with me.  So here's what you have to look forward to on Today Is My Favorite in 2015 //
// Regular Posting 5+ Days a Week
Before I came back to full time blogging, I spent some time seriously reevaluating what kind of space I wanted to create here.  I scribbled down all my ideas, the things I love writing and what projects I find most energizing.  That list created my first ever blogging schedule and that new vision is what you have been seeing here for the last two months.

My favorite part of this blog is being able to journal my way through the daily process of God transforming me, little by little into a better reflection of Himself.  I also love being able to bottle up these treasured days of love and little people, because it is slipping by so quickly.  You will also continue to see recipes, projects and events that are the overflow of this creative life we are trying to live.

// Building Community
The online community is a pretty amazing thing, made up of fellow bloggers and other readers-only.  But often I can feel like my posts are just fading shouts into the wind rather than a cozy conversation with friends.  My desire is to cultivate community where bloggers and readers can interact, learn and grow together.

One thing I recently changed was my commenting system.  You may notice that I no longer have the standard Blogger comments set up below, but rather a really great program call Disqus.  It's really easy to log in and interact via your Google or other social media accounts.  The awesome thing about this switch is that I can easily reply to your questions or suggestions in the same comment thread.  I am hoping this will foster a better community of discussion and friendship.

Note: I am still working out a few kinks in the new system so if you notice any problems, be sure to let me know.  Otherwise, let's get to chatting!!

// Special Projects
I am super excited about several special projects that I am working on this year -- like my 52 Things goals and the Pretty Mail Project.  By sharing occasional updates, I hope to keep myself accountable and possibly inspire you to try some of them yourselves.

// Collaborations & Monetizing 
As I mentioned before, blogging is definitely a hobby of mine but I've always had a dream of creating a space that can be monetized in a very genuine, authentic way.  Creating good content here takes a lot of time and effort and so I do treat my hobby like a job.  While I am careful to not let this 'job' overshadow my most important job of raising our babies, I am looking forward to the day when I can help to support our family by doing what I love.

Of course the most important thing in looking into ways to monetize this space, is staying true to myself and the type of content I want to fill this blog with.  I have told Adam many times that I never want to sell myself short when it comes to collaborations or posts just for the sake of money.  I value an authentic space more than any dollar amount because I know you come here for good content and not cheesy advertisements.  

Here are a few things you can expect to see this coming year in this regard:

For example, I recently joined the Amazon Affiliates program.  This basically means that whenever I share our favorite books, products and toys with links to Amazon -- like this book or these pacifiers -- and you decide to purchase one for yourself via the links, we receive a small percentage of the sales.

Another thing you will see on occasion are collaborations with companies and products that we love -- like this post back in December.  I promise to only share things that have benefited us and that I think you would find helpful too.  You should know that for every collaboration you see posted here, there were at least five that I turned down in the meantime.
- - -
Most of all, thanks for reading.  Thanks for your encouragement and your kind emails.  Thanks for sharing and spreading the word about this space.  I have met so many wonderful friends already and I look forward to many years of sharing and growing together.  

This might be a good time to mention that if you are interested in collaborating with me, you can get more info here.  And thanks for supporting the brands and creatives that help to make this space possible.

- - - 
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  1. Love reading your blog, Nicole! :) Looking forward to seeing more of what God has laid on your heart for this year! <3

  2. Nicole - all this is wonderful! I am so thrilled to see what the Lord has in store!

  3. you are always so encouraging and i seriously look up to you a lot. xoxo

  4. thanks meg! it's so fun to have you a part of this community. xo

  5. Thank Nicole! You are so encouraging as well!

  6. Nicole!!! I am super excited about your blog in the coming year. I love your content so much- there are hardly any blogs I follow (but yours is one of the few:) that i am pretty much much in love with every single posts!
    Allison B

  7. i love you!! thanks for always being so encouraging. it means more than you know. i hope your trip is going well!