A Creative Office // A Tour

Creating a space where I can be creative and work on projects has been such a fun aspect of our home remodeling over the last year.  You can see how this space used to be when it was our bedroom here and even further back how it looked before we renovated the entire room at the end of this post.  I've slowly been adding pieces and decorating but it really started to come together when I showed Adam my ideas for a large white desk space. He ran with it, drew up plans and then built this beautiful piece for me.  Gosh, I hit the jack pot with this man!!

Just to clear the air. . . I promise you this space is never this clean -- haha! I usually have 27 different projects strew across the desk and the floor is covered with trains and crayons and left over chip pieces.  I guess that's a nice thing about blogging your space. . . it forces you to get things put in their place. At least for the afternoon. 
I love how a few unique pieces can really bring a room together and create a atmosphere that speaks to you.  That is why I feel so so grateful to be collaborating with my sweet friend, Sandra from SM Art Shop.  She sent me some of the most beautiful prints to put up on the office walls.  My two favorites are this bicycle print and of course this lovely watercolor print of a summer in Paris.  I feel like her art gives such a pop of happiness to this space.  

Be sure to check the end of this post for your own chance to win your own print!!
^^ my $3 treasure find in this old ironing board!! ^^
^^ if you saw my christmas toys post, you will remember this work bench that my dad built for emmett. he is still so addicted to building things and i am really happy that he can play alongside me while i work. ^^
^^ i still have the yard sign i made for our wedding to direct guests to different places around the property. i haven't erased the lettering after almost 4 years. . . i feel so nostalgic about our wedding day and love having that little bit of history from that magical day. ^^
^^ diffusing peppermint and joy is my favorite way to make this space smell amazing without the use of harsh chemicals ^^
^^ do you spy the gorgeous prints up there?!! ahhh! in love! ^^
^^ a little rock and wire art from one of my little sisters.  these little things make a space truly your own.  ^^

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Do you have a designated spot in your home for being creative?! What makes it special to you??

Also, Sandra was so so generous and sent me an extra copy of her 'oh the places she'll go' bicycle print for one of you to win! Be sure to check out all her wonderful social media accounts.  She is definitely a gem.

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  1. Love this space! I would want to stay in there and just relax...so welcoming!

  2. Such a relaxing and inviting space! :)
    I love the prints and the frame with the tassels.

  3. your space is so lovely. I love the white and airy feel!! and yes, those prints are adorable!

  4. yes! sandra is so so talented. i love her work!

  5. thanks for your kind words! i definitely love hanging out in this room. . . now to just keep it this tidy more often. ;) XO

  6. i know! i really want to find a big comfy chair to add to the room for an added cozy-factor! XO

  7. thanks dear! i wish you lived close so we could hang out at our house!! XO

  8. Such a cute space!! I always love when you do these post about your house and we get a look around. Love it!

  9. thanks dear! it's such a great motivator for me to keep completing or working on completing -- haha -- the projects we have started. XO

  10. thanks dear! i am really grateful for it! xo